Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mystery Solved

Warning: Story involving bodily fluid. Read at your own risk.

So, I have finally solved the mystery of the disgusting bathroom.

I know, you're asking yourself is this really a mystery?

I mean, pretty much any bathroom used EXCLUSIVELY by your children is going to be gross, especially when some of those children are boys.

So. Last night.

I was laying when I heard some noise out in the hall. I got up and went to check it and found Josh in the bathroom.

He was standing in front of the toilet, with his eyes closed, going pee. Well, if he would have opened his eyes he might have noticed that the toilet lid was down!

So, I am going to assume means that all those other nights he has gotten up to use the bathroom, he didn't have his eyes open then either!




Kimber said...

I don't know that it will get much better; our 16-year-old can still make a "mess" sometimes!

Andrea said...

Ewww...I'll have a gross-fest with you. After I hung up with you, I noticed that Evan did his deed on the couch, yeah, and Anna found it. Nice.

Charlene said...

Is it really that hard to miss the toilet bowl? I know it has been a mystery for me for years, why their is still pee on the toilet seat instead of inside?

The Valentine Family said...

Is this what I have to look forward too?! Yikes.

Love that Josh was so excited to tell everyone about your magic trick. I chuckled!

Amy said...

That doesn't surprise me- my hardest realization with boys came when I found the pee smell on the shower curtain! How does it get way over there? I guess this is why the only ones to use that bathroom are the boys and this is why they go through a container of Clorox wipes about every two weeks!

Lia Lee said...

At least he made it to the bathroom. Someone in our family (he shall remain nameless) use to go in the closet thinking it was the bathroom when he was half asleep.

Lara said...

I've never actually witnessed any of my boys doing that, but judging by the state of our bathrooms at times...I'm sure similar incidents have occurred at our house.

Brianna said...

The joy of boys. We have banished our boys to only one of the bathrooms in our house because I just couldn't take it anymore!

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