Saturday, May 3, 2008

Almost Famous

So we went to a Potomac Nationals baseball game last night.

It is a single-A baseball team affiliated with the Washington Nationals. (That just means they are a LONG WAY from the majors!)

The highlight of our night was when Mikayla and five other students from her school sang the national anthem. They were great!

And we even managed to make it through three innings of baseball before everyone fell apart.

I often think to myself that we really should get out and do more things as a family, and then we go out and doing something like this...and I remember why I like staying home.

But, it was fun still to be able to see Mikayla and the kids had a good time eating overpriced stadium food, meeting the team mascot, and buying souvenirs.


Jolinda said...

I just checked out your scrapbook pages....they're GRRREAT! Are they all digital?

The Perkins said...

Baseball games are so fun. You are right though the food is always overpriced!
Looks like a fun!

Tamee said...

We almost went to that game. I wish I would have know you were going. Let us know next time. In Tucson, we had a big group of families that went to all the Monday night games together. The kids had a blast and we all talked because we could careless about the game.

Kimber said...

I've never been to a professional(or semi) baseball game, but they look like fun!!

P.S. - Minus your little ones, that is :)

Amberlyn said...

Good For You!!! It's not easy taking 6 kids to a busy event like that. Just think of all the fun memories your kids will have. That's what I keep telling myself when i take my kids out.

I know exactly what you mean. I feel bad for not taking the kids places and then when we get there and it's been only about 30 minutes, you remember why you never go anywhere.

But I have to say, it's getting so much easier now that the kids are getting older. Don't you find that too?

The Valentine Family said...

Can you tell I'm behind on my commenting! How exciting for Mikayla!

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