Thursday, May 8, 2008

One in a Million

Mother's Day is coming up, so I wanted to take a minute and post about the "moms" in my life. Today we're going to start with Marietta, my mother-in-law.

I could not have been blessed with a finer woman for a mother-in-law. She is so selfless and loves to serve other people. She raised a fine family, my favorite of which is her youngest son.

She is a also a terrific grandmother. The kids love spending time with her. Some of my favorite memories are watching her cook with kids, making the little ones put on shower caps to prevent their hair from falling into the food. It is too funny!

If I could tell you one thing about Marietta, I would tell you that she is a really, really good person, although I don't think she knows it! She has had many trials in her life, but she continues to persevere and serve the Lord. She is a fine example to me of charity.

So, a little early, let me just say that I hope she has a wonderful Mother's Day.

And for those of your who don't know, we named our Emma after Marietta...Emma's full name is actually Mari Emma. So I scrapbooked this page for her.


Charlene said...

I love your scrapbook! That is so nice of you to write about Troy's mom. Does she read your blogs?

Anonymous said...

denise, what a sweet thing for you to say about me. as you know, i love you very much and i am so happy troy chose you for his wife:) also, i am blessed by you giveing me such wonderful grandchildren:) i was blessed to help you with the twins when troy was gone right after their birth. my only regret is that i am not closer so i could be with them more. i love you mom b.

Kimber said...

I left a comment yesterday, but apparently it didn't save :(

Yes, we are incredibly lucky to have Mom Beatty as part of our family!

I also LOVE the scrapbook page :)

The Perkins said...

She is the best grandma!
What a great scrapbook page.
What program do you use for your digital pages?

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