Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad Mom Award

Okay, just so you don't think that I only ever write about the crazy things other people do, i'll tell you how I earned the bad mom award today...

I forgot my kid. Yup.

Totally forgot.

I was hanging out at home when the phone rang. It was the director at Josh's preschool. She wanted to know if someone was coming to pick Josh up...oh yeah, and his classmate who gets a ride home with us too.




Yeah. Bad me.


Charlene said...

You are not alone in that award. I fell asleep and was late picking up Blake once in kindergarten! To this day, he does not like me to be late picking him up from school!

Brianna said...

I've been there too! It is no fun to win the bad mom award! I almost forgot Eve at Elijah's night time basketball practice...just walked out the door without her. Elijah was the one who remembered!

Jeff said...

So, I should have told you this story earlier today. But, once when mysister was about three (I was 17 at the time), I left her at church. I drove all the way home went inside, and then realized she wasn't there. When I returned and tried to make it up to her by telling her, "I would never forget about you," she just looked at me and said, "But you did!"

lbugsh2 said...

Oh I almost left Scarlett at home the other day. Got all the kids in the minivan and it took me three times counting kids heads to realize I left her in the house asleep on her bed. Yea we all have those bad mom days.

Amberlyn said...

That is so funny that you give yourself the bad Mom award. One of my friends here and I always see who is the bigger winner for the bad Mom award. We are constantly going back and forth. I am too embarrassed to admit to some of the things that I have been winner for.

So forgetting your son at preschool is nothing!!! I think all of us busy moms have done that before.

Come to think of it, I think I've done it for more then one of my children. So Hah!!! I beat you, I'm the winner!!!!!

Puhlman said...

I have to say that the bad mom award is a daily thing for me. I have done so much worse than that. And you are not a bad mom. In fact you are an amazing mom.

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