Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weigh Down

Well. It's not going well. Not well at all.

The diet I mean.

I have gained and lost the same two pounds several times over the last few weeks.

And I wonder if I'm ready for this.

I see other people doing it, and having great success, and I think...hey! I can do this.

Then I go back to my regularly scheduled life.

Things are good, but it's a really busy time of year and I'm a stress eater. This combination is surely the quickest way to diet failure I can think of.

But...I gave myself a gift.

I gave myself a year. Resolving that gain or lose or even just staying the same...I will make changes in my life that I believe in the long term will be of great benefit...and continue to try to work my diet program.

I'm making better food choices.

I'm moving a little more.

I'm trying to make changes that I think will be healthy and enhance my life.

So...even though I'm nearly back where I started at my first weigh in (which, BTW, starting a diet right before spring break is just silly)...I'm committed.

And...that my friends...is a victory in and of itself.
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