Tuesday, September 4, 2012

happy dance

well, today was a day...16 years in the making.

today...i sent all six of my kids to school.


i know!

It was a great day. Everyone was happy to go to school.

Everyone had a great day.

What more could I ask for?

Mikayla went first this morning. Her first day as a sophomore.

Joe and Emma went next ... their last year of middle school ... big 8th graders.

Finally, it was time for the little ones to head off...taking my sweet Katie off to her first year of school...big kindergartener!

Josh is headed into 4th grade. And Becky into 2nd.

the kids were so cute at the bus stop. Katie was so anxious.

The bus passes by our house and then turns around and comes back to pick up the kids. Katie didn't realize this and almost passed out when I wouldn't let her go to the bus because I was still taking her photo.

She was so stinking cute! I can't believe she's in school. Where did the time go?

When Katie came home from school I asked her how it went.

She said it was great. She really loved going to the park (recesss) and she was happy she didn't get kicked out of school on her first day! lol.

Now...what am i going to do with all my free time?
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