Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Altruism at it's Worst

Well, either the economy is really bad and people are going to extreme measures...or security at banks and credit card companies have become quite lax.

We have had a credit card company and the bank both contact us in the last week to let us know that their databases had been hacked and they needed to issue us new account numbers.

Wouldn't it have been nice if they had told us PRIOR to my trying to make purchases?

In addition, a business at which Troy made a purchase had also been hacked and Troy's credit card was actually used to make some purchases.

But, the thief was nice enough to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in Troy's name.

Gotta love a criminal with a good heart.


This has never happened to use before, and now three times in as many weeks. Is it me, or is there something else going on here?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

After sharing the funny stuff the kids say about Troy, there was a comment on the blog yesterday from my friend Emily wondering what type of things the kids have to say about me.

Now, I am under no illusions.

They say the same things about me that they say about Troy, but it's my blog...so you hear about his funnies.

But, just for the sake of fairness, I will share one about me.

A recent Joshism:

Josh recently had a moment where he saw my stomach...and was quite mesmerized.

After a moment of looking at it, he got this sly little smile on his face and says, "Mommy...hee hee hee...your stomach looks funny."

big sigh.

Like I needed that pointed out to me. The mirror tells me every day.

Really. If you have flaws, there is no one more willing to point these out to you than your children.

Thank goodness they're cute.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I am really glad that I got to California. It was good to see my grandmother, and also great to see my family.

It just so happened that my dad turned 60 while I was visiting and I thought it was pretty special that both his children were there to celebrate with him.

It's funny. I was telling my dad how strange it was to me that while he did not seem old at sixty, I still some how felt old at 37.

His loving answer to that?

Well, when I was born he was more than 20 times my age. But now, he is just a little more than 1.5 times my age.

That's just wrong.

And, a little Becky story to ease us back into real life.

Becky, Katie, and I all went to get Troy from the train today.

Becky said, "I don't know what Daddy looks like."

"What? You don't know what you Dad looks like?"

"Yeah, I don't know what he's wearing. Oh, but wait, I know what his hair looks like!"

"You do?"

"Yes. It looks like a big moon in the back and a little circle in the front."


Sounds just right, doesn't it?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Will Remember You

On Sunday, April 19 at 10 am, Jun Wol Combs returned home to her father in heaven.

I am so grateful that I could visit with her before she left.

My grandmother didn't look well yesterday, and you could tell that she was in a lot of pain.

But, when we saw her this morning, she looked so peaceful and beautiful...all the suffering was finally over.

We actually arrived at the nursing home just a few minutes after she passed away, and as we walked into the building, the residents were having church services and were all singing "How Great Thou Art."

You could feel the love and the power and the majesty of God...and I am so grateful to know that He is here...and waiting to welcome my grandmother back into His arms.

My grandfather died more than sixty years ago and my grandmother has waited her whole life to be with him again...and at last, that too has happened.

My grandmother was an amazing woman of strength and grace. There wasn't much to her...at 4'10", she was a tiny little thing. And although she was quiet, you didn't want to mistake that for weak. When she wanted something...you'd better come along or get out of the way.

Her daughters were her pride and joy as were her five grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. She would have done anything for her family.

I feel so lucky to have known her...and blessed that my children knew her too.

Going Home to Cali

Does life always have to be this crazy?

I suppose it does...that's what makes it fun, right?

Katie and I got up at the crack of dawn (that's 4 am to you) to get ready and leave for our flight to California.

Well, things went well until we got to Denver...and do you know what's happening in Devner?

Only a HUGE snow storm...in April.


Our flight was delayed a couple of hours...so we hustled to find something that might get us here a little sooner.

I got on standby on flight and was hoping that they would call my name...but as the terminal emptied...it didn't seem like I was going to make it...but at long last they called my name.

So, I gathered up our belongings and called Katie and went to get my ticket.

As I got to the ticket desk, I turned to check on Katie and she was nowhere to be found!!!


After a minor heart attack I spotted her half way down the terminal chasing a bird that had gotten inside.

That girl and her bird obsession!!!

But, we made it just fine.

And I was pleased to see most of my cousins had also come.

I'll post some about my grandmother tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

Our budding actress had her first performance last night.

Mikayla was in the middle school play. They performed The Wizard of Oz, and it was fabulous.

She is quite the versatile little actress and she had many roles.

She was the braggart munchkin.

A crow.

An Ozian beautician.

She does scared really well, don't you think?

And, a winkie.

It was so fun to see her stretch like this.

Can you tell I am so proud of her?

p.s. How freakin' amazing does she look with makeup?

Even with that exaggerated stage makeup, she looks good.


May have to wait until college before she'll be allowed to wear any for real!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Official...I'm THAT Mom

So, I've have reached the end of my rope.

I have tried everything.

But, I have really had to face facts.

There is no snap, no button, no zipper than can hold this child...no, she has unimaginable powers, and I have finally had to use the tool of last resort.

Duct tape really can fix anything.

At least I hope it can.

Cause if this doesn't work, I am calling the circus.

Somebody has to be able to use this child's evil powers for good.

He's All Mine

Can you believe the twins are 10?

Holy cow...it just seems like yesterday, and now I've blinked and they are so big.

So today, I wanted to talk a little about Joe...and I have 10 things I love about him...as well as 10 photos.

Here it is.

10 Things I Love About Joe:

1. He has such a soft heart...tender and sweet and really wonderful.

2. He is always happy...always with a quick smile.

3. He loves video games...he would play all the time if he could.

4. He now loves reading...Harry Potter is his friend...and he loves it almost as much as he loves video games!

5. He has so much math savvy I find it embarrassing...he is already much more advanced than I am.

6. He has already started down the path of ladies' man...look out girls.

7. He is a really talented piano player...and will one day surpass his father.

8. He is always grateful, for everything, and usually the first one to say thank you.

9. He would always rather be inconvenienced than ever hurt anyone else's feelings.

10. He is just such a genuinely good boy, I am constantly amazed he's mine!

wow. He sounds like a gem.

It must be because he is!

So, here a few recent photos.

Seriously...isn't he sweet?

Monday, April 13, 2009

We Fell Off the Face of the Earth

Wow. It really does feel like we fell off the face of the earth...but really, it was just spring break.

Actually, not just spring break, we also had a trip to Jamestown for the 4th grade field trip...THEN we drove to Florida for spring break...and we had the twins' birthday, helped Evan celebrate his birthday, went to Sea World, Aquatica, Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, and drove home...with Easter thrown in for good measure.

phew. I'm tired just typing that. Actually, I am totally hammered from vacation, and wish I could take another...you know, without the kids this time. LOL!

But, we had such a good time. I took 2400 photos. Holy cow. Lot's of stuff to scrap!

Really, we had SUCH a good time that the Easter Bunny (who normally comes the Saturday before Easter) forgot to visit our kids THREE days in a row.

Eek. He's almost as bad as that forgetful Tooth Fairy.

But, he finally made an appearance today around noon while the kids were watching TV. Sneaky little thing.

I have tons of photos to share...about each of these things...and also posts to do for Emma and Joe who turned TEN during our vacation. I cannot believe how quickly time flies!

But the remainder of this post is dedicated to Miss Emma...who at long last GOT HER EARS PIERCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was bouncing off the walls on the way to the mall...and bouncing in her chair right up until the second they did the first ear. I think it hurt her a ton, but no way was she turning back...she didn't even cry. She just said, "Quick, do the other ear."

I can't remember seeing her this happy about something...not even our vacation.

Happy Birthday kiddo.

ps. if you would like to see some of the photos Andrea took on our vacation (all 180 that she posted...you can go here).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We Have To Change the Name of Our Blog

So, I am officially changing the name of the blog today. That's right...the Beatty Six is no more.

Now, before you get ahead of yourself and dare to dream that we might soon be the Beatty Seven...poke yourself in the eye for me.

No, after today, our blog will henceforth be known as the Beatty Five, Plus the One We Gave Away.

As I was getting ready for the day, I heard a chair scrapping the kitchen floor...as I do most mornings because Katie is on her way to take apart my photo board or rip the magnets of my fridge.

But, when did I find today?

Miss Katie had climbed the kitchen counter to see what was in the containers that Emma brought home yesterday.

And wouldn't you know it...it was dirt.

She's pretty pleased with herself, this one.

Anyone need a little sister?

The Good Mom and the Slacker Mom

There is so much craziness going on today...but I just had to take a moment and blog about my friend Melanie.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and Melanie has asked that people post the early signs of Autism on their blogs...and I am so happy to do that.

I really admire Melanie and her children. She has three of the most amazing little boys, and if ever someone was meant to be their mother, you know it was Melanie. I am constantly amazed at her ability to deal with trials and difficulty in such an easy and relaxed way. This is their life...but it isn't a trial to them...at least it doesn't seem like one to me. Because they handle everything that comes their way with grace and love.

We should all be so lucky.

So today, here's what to look for:

In clinical terms, there are a few “absolute indicators,” often referred to as “red flags,” that indicate that a child should be evaluated. For a parent, these are the “red flags” that your child should be screened to ensure that he/she is on the right developmental path. If your baby shows any of these signs, please ask your pediatrician or family practitioner for an immediate evaluation:

* No big smiles or other warm, joyful expressions by six months or thereafter

* No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions by nine months or thereafter

* No babbling by 12 months

* No back-and-forth gestures, such as pointing, showing, reaching, or waving by 12 months

* No words by 16 months

* No two-word meaningful phrases (without imitating or repeating) by 24 months

* Any loss of speech or babbling or social skills at any age

This information has been provided by First Signs, Inc. ©2001-2005. Reprinted with permission. For more information about recognizing the early signs of developmental and behavioral disorders, please visit http://www.firstsigns.org or the Centers for Disease Control at www.cdc.gov/actearly.

And where Melanie wins mom of the year...I win slacker mom of the year...and wouldn't you know it, but the blog today on Free Range Kids was about me...not really, but it could have been!
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