Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Official...I'm THAT Mom

So, I've have reached the end of my rope.

I have tried everything.

But, I have really had to face facts.

There is no snap, no button, no zipper than can hold this, she has unimaginable powers, and I have finally had to use the tool of last resort.

Duct tape really can fix anything.

At least I hope it can.

Cause if this doesn't work, I am calling the circus.

Somebody has to be able to use this child's evil powers for good.


Brianna said...

I have a picture of Elijah just like that :)

Sarah said...

Have you tried zippered footie jammies? Cut off the feet, then put them on backwards. I'd be amazed if she could get that off.

Or just go with the duct tape. That works too.

Austin and Mariko said...

That is awesome. You are awesome. I hope it works!!

Stacy said...


alexandra said...

Hey, the circus is in town this weekend. And how cool would it be as a parent to say that one of your children is actually IN the circus?

Lara said...

That's hilarious. For your sake I hope it works!

Charlene said...

Has she tried putting her hand in her diaper only to show you with her hand the surprise she left in her diaper? Does duct tape work for that too?

Jeff said...

With a nice shirt the duct tape might even look like a belt. :-)

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