Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Well, I am on the road to recovery, just in time for others in the house to get sick.

Isn't that how it always is?

I actually spent Thursday shopping for all new pants for Josh.

57/365 (2/26) The Great Pants Mystery of 2009

Now really. I don't mind shopping. Some might even say that I enjoy shopping. I don't even mind replacing things for the kids as they wear them out...goodness knows, the knees in pants aren't what they used to be.

But, this particular shopping trip was not one due to any growth spurt on Josh's part, but rather a great mystery in our household.

You see, Josh started out the school year with 10, maybe even 12 pairs of pants. Plenty enough to see him through the school year, holes and all.

But, yesterday, I noticed that Josh was once again wearing the same pair of pants that he had been wearing for the last several days...and I told him he should go put on another pair of pants.

Well, pretty soon Josh is walking around the house with NO pants at all. Yeah.

"Dude. Where are your pants?"

"I don't have any."

"You don't have any?" (insert suspicious, squeaky voice here.)


Sure enough, after searching his bedroom, under his bed, in his closet, and through all the laundry, Josh in fact only has ONE pair of pants.


And he does not know where they have all gone.


Has he been coming home pantless and I just haven't noticed?

Where does 10 pair of pants disappear to?

Has the dryer got sick of stealing socks, and moved on to bigger and better?

I just don't know.

But, please, if you have seen Josh's pants, send them our way!

Friday, February 27, 2009

School Daze

There has been a lot going on here.

No rest for the wicked, um, I mean weary.

We have once again, a dread book report.

56/365 (2/25) Paper, Scissors, Glue, Oh My!

Have I mentioned how much I hate book reports? Yes. Well. Still hate them. But, luckily, the kids are getting better writing them, and it isn't quite so painful...and Joe and Emma are actually on different schedules now, so it's coming one at a time. Still.

55/365 (2/24) Move Over Albert Einstein

This should have been a photo of Mikayla working at the last minute to put her science fair project together and driving me crazy...instead, it's her holding
her 1st place medal. She won! Seriously. I don't know how she does it, but I have to just sit back and appreciate that she does.

(BTW: Her project was about who had a better sense of or women. I don't know that you need a science fair project to know the answer the this one...but science does in fact confirm that women rock!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nurse Katie

54/365 sick day

Question: What't the best cure for a mom who just doesn't feel well?

Answer: I don't know either, but I promise, it's not my 18 month old.

But, Troy does manage a hail mary at the end of the day.

Nervous Breakdown

Well, the kids were super excited to start our new family tradition of eating Sunday dinner in the dining room...I really wanted to say no, but that didn't seem quite I relented, (insert big sigh here).

53/365 (2/22) Sunday Dinner

It was agonizing...but I tried not to think about it...that is, until I woke up this morning and got a look at the table in the sunlight. Egads. Grubby little finger prints EVERYWHERE! and crumbs and smears!

Is having nice, new stuff supposed to be this hard?


Saturday, February 21, 2009

So In Love

It came.

It's here.

I'm in love.

You are all welcome to come see it in person...but in the meantime...

51/365 (2/20) So In Love

I have told the children that they are not allowed to sit at the table. Or eat on it Or be near it. Or even look at it.

I guess I should have the attitude that it's meant to be enjoyed, but I'm not there yet. Don't get me wrong, I am already enjoying it. I'm just not ready for the rest of the family to enjoy.

wrong. so wrong.

Anyway, after I was able to tear myself away from the table, we attended the kid's piano festival today.

52/365 (2/21) Music of my Heart

It was nice to see the children do so well, and work at overcoming their stage fright.

And, the best part? Dessert. (You know, in addition to listening to the children.)

Larry, Moe and Curly

50/365 (2/19) Larry, Moe, and Curly

These turkeys are the highlight of my Tuesday and Thursdays. Every other week, I pick them up from preschool and we have fallen into a predictable routine. Evan says, "I don't want you. I want my mom." And I say, "I know. I'm sorry." Then A.J. says, "Hey, Becky's mom, are you taking me home first?" And I say, "No A.J., we have to take Evan home, and then you."

I actually really look forward to it, and it's sure to brighten even the gloomiest day. What would I do without these guys? I love em like they were my own.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blessings, Great and Small

Mikayla brought home this letter from school today, and I was so unbelievably touched.
After I finally stopped crying, I took the opportunity to tell Mikayla how proud I am of her. Which, I am sure that I don't do often enough.

And, really, I am not posting this to say look at what a great kid I have... and that must make me such a good parent...because that is far from the truth.

The reality is, I probably do more things wrong than I do right...and I think that Mikayla is good in spite of me, rather than because of me.

But, all that being said, I am so grateful for the wonderful person that she is. Really, the wonderful people that all my children are.

And, I am grateful for a wonderful teacher who would take the time to send such a lovely letter.

After all the crummy teacher experiences we have had lately, this one feels like a little miracle.

Sleep is So Fifth Grade

So, Mikayla left the house yesterday, at 7:30 a.m. to catch the bus for school.

After school, she had play practice, then basketball practice, then a young woman's presidency meeting, and then young women's. After which, she stayed a little longer to get subjects to participate in her science fair experiment.

She did not get home until after 9 p.m. and didn't eat dinner until 9:30 p.m.

Gosh, now that I am thinking about it...I hope she didn't have any homework!

Wow. I need to send dinner with her on days like this. Bad mom.

Ack. If this is middle school, what is high school going to be like?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Valentines

Let me just say, right up front, that Troy and I will never be celebrating Valentine's Day again. EVER.

However, we may decide in the future to celebrate the day after Valentine's Day, because I am not letting him off the hook that easily.

It all started innocently enough. We had a special date planned. We were having a good day, a good week, really. Things were going very well, and then we had a little tiff, which of course escalated into a big ol' fight.

So, in the end, Troy went on his special Valentine's Day date. He just went alone.

Oh well. This is so the story of our lives.

And now, a week in review.

44/365 (2/13) I {heart} Troy

We continued celebrating Troy's birthday, right on through the weekend. We had a really fun bunco party, and Troy got some really nice gifts. One of my favorites, and really, if you know Troy, you know he's nothing if not one of my favorite gifts had to be this I {heart} Troy shirt from the Ellsworth's. I mean really, if anyone could wear a shirt that says that they love themselves, it has to be Troy.

45/365 (2/14) Pump Up the Volume

Katie has this little toy that plays a bunch of different know, the kind that needs to mysteriously stop working. Well, she has taken to carrying it around the house, close to her ear, like an 80's style boom box. It's too funny.

46/365 (2/15) mmmmm.mmmm.good

Every year Troy always asks for the same thing for his birthday dinner, homemade Tony Roma's ribs. It's a big task to make this meal. The sauce takes an hour to make...then 2 1/2 hours to cook the ribs and another few minutes on the grill. Not to mention making the side dishes. Well, I have to was totally worth it.

47/365 (2/16) At Last

Fourteen years of marriage, and Troy and I have never had a dining room table. I know it isn't really a necessity, but I have always wanted to have one. We have the opportunity to finally be able to buy one, and unfortunately for Troy, have spent several weekends searching for just the right one. Well, we finally found it. We bought the chairs somewhere else because the ones that went with the table were obscenely comes on Friday. I can't wait!

48/365 View From the Top

I am working on a scrapbook project to scrap the every day things in our lives, and was given the assignment to photograph my favorite view from the house. Well, mostly, we just see other people's houses, but, when I get ready in the morning, I have the opportunity to watch the sunrise, and I love it. My own view from the top.

49/365 I Want Candy

It's funny. The younger kids have not started speaking as early, or as much as the older kids...but of course, they all catch up eventually. Until they do, however, I miss their being able to be verbal. So, while Katie's vocabulary may be limited, she has finally mastered her first sentence. "I want candy." **big sigh** Like father, like daughter.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, Isn't That "Special"

I said to Becky, "Becky, I think I'm going crazy."

She says, "Mommy, you're not crazy. You're just special."

Do you think she lays awake at night thinking these things up?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy, Happy

Well, we finally got to celebrate Troy's birthday today.

Of course, story of our lives, but we almost didn't get to. There was a brush fire on the tracks tonight, so the trains were super delayed. Troy called to say he didn't know when he would be home. The kids were pretty bummed.

But, Troy made it home and we were able to eat dinner before everyone fell apart. Becky, sadly, did not make it. She fell apart too early in the evening to partake of the festivities.

Oh well. She can have cake for breakfast!

42/365 happy happy

The kids were so excited to celebrate Troy's birthday with him. Everyone made him a card or some sort of present.

Mikayla made him a pop up card.

Emma made him a little zebra in hot pink (which she assures Troy is his favorite color).

Joe made him a bunch of coupons for 1/2 hour foot rubs. Wow. Think I can get in on that?

Josh made him a coloring book.

Becky drew him a picture.

And Katie...well, she and all the kids chipped in and bought him an itunes gift card, so he could purchase some new music for his new Ipod Nano. He's pretty excited about it.

So, one more celebration tomorrow, then Valentines Day, and if I know Troy, he is going to be partied out. Old man.

Excuses, Excuses

Well, I have to admit that it has been super difficult to find the time to seems like every spare moment I have is filled with something!

And I am soooo excited to be able to share what one of those big somethings has been for me.

As you know, I have a passion for scrapbooking. It has become more than just my hobby. I really love it. And I am so happy to say...that I was able to open a small online store, Denise Beatty Originals, where I have started to sell banners and blinkies.

I know. You have no idea what I am talking about. There will be other things in my store soon. But for now. This is the type of thing I create.





I take digital scrapbook designers products and I create animated images that they can use to advertise their products.

It's been so fun to see things that I create come to life...and even better to see them at various places on the internet.'s taking time to get things up and running, but at least the store is open, and I am looking forward to adding to it.

In the meantime, I am playing catch up on posting my 365 photos. But here's what I've got.

42/365 (2/11) Loved Not Wisely, But Too Well

This little turkey follows me around all day and I don't get a moments peace. Really, it's super sweet, but I just needed five minutes by myself so I could get ready for the day. Well, I gave her a little piece of chocolate and it did the trick. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, I got to get ready for the day, and it only cost me re-dressing her and washing her off. Totally worth it.

41/365 (2/10) Sleeping Bunnies

There is a lot of singing and piano playing at our house. Tonight we were playing sleeping bunnies and the kids really got into it. It was so fun to see the kids try and teach Katie how to hop around like a bunny. Becky, especially, loves this song.

40/365 (2/9) So Tired

Poor Katie was the next to get sick, and she was little whiny all day. After a nap and lots more crying, I finally laid her on the couch with a sippy cup in the hopes that she would settle down for a few minutes. Well, not only did she settle down, she actually went to sleep. WOW. She really wasn't feeling good.

39/365(2/8) Sick Day

Poor Becky was not looking too well when we got to church, and sure enough, she had a fever. Well, you know our history with fevers, and we don't mess around. Thank goodness for Stacy Hawks, who is ALWAYS prepared for just such an emergency. She had some medicine we could get right into Becky, who went straight home and to bed.

38/365 (2/7) Flying High

It was a glorious, sunny day, so we took the kids geocaching (taking coordinates provided by someone who has hidden something...and trying to find it with the help of a GPS). The Hobbs came with us and we made an afternoon of searching for three hidden caches. The kids had so much fun tromping through the woods. We then spent some at the playground. Katie, as you can, had a blast.

37/365 (2/6) Who Me?

This little imp gets into everything. She especially loves getting into the bathroom and unrolling the toilet paper. You can always tell she has been there by the trail of toilet paper throughout the house. This particular photo was shot after she got a hold of a roll of tape. It was actually really funny to watch her as she realized that it was sticky and she couldn't get it off. Silly girl.

And as a look back on my week of photos, I can see that I need to take some more of the big kids. Maybe they would be okay with me following them around school one day so I could get some good shots.

um. Maybe not.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbye Youth, Hello Old Age

Well, it's official...and really just so sad.


Troy is officially closer to 40 than he is to 30. And I hope you will all join me in waving goodbye to Troy's youth.

Okay, seriously, the guy is still practically a spring chicken, but I am enjoying this milestone.

My sister-in-law, Paulette, tagged me to write six random things about myself...and since I have already done that on facebook, I thought I would six random things about Troy, in honor of his birthday.

1. Troy loves crumbs. You know, after you have finished eating something and you have all those tiny, leftover crumbs on your place. Troy can be found nibbling (in a very mouselike fashion) at all the little bits and pieces.

2. Troy loves flat soda. The flatter the better. He even has a "system" for getting all the carbonation out. Pray he never shows you.

3. Troy is the happiest, most optimistic person I know. It's fine, most of the time, but at 6 a.m., I promise, it's the last thing you want to see.

4. Troy is obsessed with self-help and self-improvement books. He reads them all the time, about a variety of different subjects...and should you ever find yourself in need of some can usually hear Troy said, "Well, you know, I read in book..." He is currently working on learning how to have perfect pitch and on increasing his speed reading abilities.

5. Troy loves all things superman. He still speaks fondly of the superman underoos he had as a child...I think he secretly wishes they were still available in his size. When Troy was a child, he used to regularly pray that he would find the green crystal in the loft of the barn, proving what he long suspected, that he was indeed the long lost son of Jor-el.

6. Troy is always mangling common phrases...he can never seem to get it right. But, Troy being Troy, he likes to play it off like he meant to say it that way. In fact, he will often try to convince others that his new way of saying it is in fact better than the old way, and hopes that people will pick up one of his phrases and use it for their own.

One such instance, we were playing games, and Troy meant to say something to the effect of "Put it in gear," or "It's in the bag", or "Punch it out," but instead he said, "Let's punch this in the bag." um. yeah. He is even still heard to use this phrase on occasion.

Unfortunately, for us, Troy is traveling on his birthday, so we will not get to see him or spend time with him today. But we will be thinking of him, and wishing him the happiest of birthdays.

Happy birthday, old man. We love you.

Here are some recent scrapbook pages featuring Troy:


Friday, February 6, 2009


So, I think Becky has decided to skip childhood and go right to teenager.

I mean, I know she's four...but she has started talking like she's fourteen.

Case in point?

We were driving in the car yesterday and she anxiously says, "Mom, are you driving me to school?"


"Oh good. Cause you are FREAKIN' me out."


And, finally, some photos.

36/365 (2/5) You Can Drive My Car

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Becky goes to preschool. She really enjoys getting out of the house and learning new things. She is the only girl in a class of nine, and already the little mother. She makes sure that they know what they are supposed to be doing, and clucks along side them as they do it. Where does she get that from?

35/365 (2/4) New Beginnings

Every time we go to one of these events, I come home feeling like time is speeding by...and I just wish it would slow down a little. Mikayla fits right in among these beautiful young women. **big sigh**

34/365 (2/3) Read To Me

Troy is such a hands on Dad and the kids just adore him. They each clamor for his attention after he comes home from work (which I am sure he loves!), and revel in the time they get to spend with him. They are so blessed to have such a wonderful father.

33/365 (2/2) Freedom

Oh, that Katie. There is nothing she likes more than being naked, and whenever she gets her diaper off, she runs as far and as fast as she can. Sweet, sweet freedom.

32/365 (2/1) The Dread Socks

One of the worst chores in our house is to mate the socks. Do you know how many socks eight people wear each week? This is such a big job no one wants to do it! Especially not me! So we put off until Troy goes crazy because he's late for work and doesn't have any socks. Sheesh. Hasn't he ever seen Miami Vice?

31/365 Undefeated

Mikayla has started playing basketball for the team at Church. She has never played before, and she's really got some grace and hustle out on the court. Her team remains undefeated! (Nevermind that they have never played an ACTUAL game before...or that all the teams that they have played against have had to forfeit...a win is a win!)

30/365 All Hail The Queen of Catan

Playing Catan is a pretty fun way to pass the evening. But, winning at Catan is an even better way! No, really, just hanging out with our friends is reason enough.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheap Love

I am way behind on the photos. I have been taking them, but I haven't found the time to edit yet.

But, I just had to share another Becky story.

That girl.

She came up to me and said, "Mommy?"


"If you give me a dollar I will love you."


At least I know I can afford her love now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little Pitchers Have BIG Ears

I have lots of photos to share, but maybe tomorrow.

I just had to post a couple of funny Becky-isms.

Today we were getting ready to go somewhere and they boys were not being very cooperative.

I said to Joe, "You are driving me crazy."

To which, Becky piped up and said, "Is he just pissing you off, Mom?"

um. oops.

Apparently I have found a new word to elminate from my vocabulary.

Of course, after telling Becky that this is a bad word...Joe and Emma both piped up with "But, Mom, you say this ALL THE TIME."

Yes. Yes. Why choose NOW to actually listen to what I am saying?

And, as the kids were all sitting in front of the TV watching a "special broadcast"...okay, really, the Super Bowl, Becky wanted to know, "Mom, who are you PRAYING for tonight?"

Yeah. I don't know what I will be praying for tonight, but I promise, it won't be a football team.
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