Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy, Happy

Well, we finally got to celebrate Troy's birthday today.

Of course, story of our lives, but we almost didn't get to. There was a brush fire on the tracks tonight, so the trains were super delayed. Troy called to say he didn't know when he would be home. The kids were pretty bummed.

But, Troy made it home and we were able to eat dinner before everyone fell apart. Becky, sadly, did not make it. She fell apart too early in the evening to partake of the festivities.

Oh well. She can have cake for breakfast!

42/365 happy happy

The kids were so excited to celebrate Troy's birthday with him. Everyone made him a card or some sort of present.

Mikayla made him a pop up card.

Emma made him a little zebra in hot pink (which she assures Troy is his favorite color).

Joe made him a bunch of coupons for 1/2 hour foot rubs. Wow. Think I can get in on that?

Josh made him a coloring book.

Becky drew him a picture.

And Katie...well, she and all the kids chipped in and bought him an itunes gift card, so he could purchase some new music for his new Ipod Nano. He's pretty excited about it.

So, one more celebration tomorrow, then Valentines Day, and if I know Troy, he is going to be partied out. Old man.


Melanie said...

That pic is kind of creepy! Maybe creepy Troy can hang out with axe-murderer Travis sometime. Wait, did I say creepy? I meant old.

Kimber said...

Happy Birthday, Troy!

We were thinking of you :)

Lara said...

Happy birthday Troy!

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