Monday, February 23, 2009

Nervous Breakdown

Well, the kids were super excited to start our new family tradition of eating Sunday dinner in the dining room...I really wanted to say no, but that didn't seem quite I relented, (insert big sigh here).

53/365 (2/22) Sunday Dinner

It was agonizing...but I tried not to think about it...that is, until I woke up this morning and got a look at the table in the sunlight. Egads. Grubby little finger prints EVERYWHERE! and crumbs and smears!

Is having nice, new stuff supposed to be this hard?



Andrea said...

Yes it is...that's why we don't have nice new stuff!

Charlene said...

Yeah, try to enjoy it as quickly as possible!!! I keep reminding myself that! BTW, I noticed their are ten chairs surrounding your table? Any news?:)

Angie said...

Sometimes I don't clean and vacuum the car just so that I won't be mad when it gets dirty. Get a table cloth and it will help. For a table that big you might need to go to the fabric store and get 3 or 4 yards of 60" fabric. Good luck!

lbugsh2 said...

Thats why all our stuff is yucky.

susan said...

Love you new table - the colors are great!

I was totally nervous about our dining room table too, so I went and bought some 60" wide dark brown vinyl at the fabric store - that stuff that looks like leather. It sounds weird, but it really isn't too bad. I use it as a table cloth and it helps protect the table. It's thicker than a regular table cloth and doesn't look terribly out of place.

Hilary said...

Deep breath.
Get the multi purpose cleanser.
It will be fine.
Although, we haven't had anything new -- so I have no advice. :)

Brianna said...

Get placemats AND tablecloths fast! That's the only way I let my kids eat on my dining room table. The first week we brought it home Eve pounded her fork into it a bunch. The placemats and tablecloth helps!
It's beautiful!

alexandra said...

Sure is! I remember how excited we were when we got our first "new" (i.e. new to us and only three years old) car. Then I realized that I could no longer play chicken with people because I really DID care if they hit my bumper or scratched my paint. Sometimes it's nice to have throwaway stuff!

Lara said...

It's honestly one of the things that's holding us back from buying our own new set. As much as I really, really want a new one, I know what my kids would do to it. For us, our dining room table is our only table, so it would be used every single day. I'm thinking placemats and such sounds like a good first line of defense.

PS It is beautiful!

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