Friday, February 27, 2009

School Daze

There has been a lot going on here.

No rest for the wicked, um, I mean weary.

We have once again, a dread book report.

56/365 (2/25) Paper, Scissors, Glue, Oh My!

Have I mentioned how much I hate book reports? Yes. Well. Still hate them. But, luckily, the kids are getting better writing them, and it isn't quite so painful...and Joe and Emma are actually on different schedules now, so it's coming one at a time. Still.

55/365 (2/24) Move Over Albert Einstein

This should have been a photo of Mikayla working at the last minute to put her science fair project together and driving me crazy...instead, it's her holding
her 1st place medal. She won! Seriously. I don't know how she does it, but I have to just sit back and appreciate that she does.

(BTW: Her project was about who had a better sense of or women. I don't know that you need a science fair project to know the answer the this one...but science does in fact confirm that women rock!)


Sarah said...

Nice job, Mikayla. What was her project about? Paul did his on Nerf guns. Top that.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mikayla! Awesome project. Masey just finished her project. She tested which waterproof mascara was the best

Lara said...

Way to go Mikayla. I, too, hate book reports and science fair projects. Ugh.

Kimber said...

Good job, Mikayla!

Snickerdoo and George said...

I just wanted to tell you that you have an amazing son (from what I've read, all your children are amazing but I haven't had the chance to interact with any of the others yet). Joe was in our group for the Primary activity and was helping one of the Sunbeams. He was very patient and helpful. I bet he's a great big brother. He really knows how to help those younger than him feel good! My son was watching Joe and wanted to color his glasses like "that boy in the blue shirt". He was a perfect example Saturday! Thanks for doing such an amazing job with your children:)

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