Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blessings, Great and Small

Mikayla brought home this letter from school today, and I was so unbelievably touched.
After I finally stopped crying, I took the opportunity to tell Mikayla how proud I am of her. Which, I am sure that I don't do often enough.

And, really, I am not posting this to say look at what a great kid I have... and that must make me such a good parent...because that is far from the truth.

The reality is, I probably do more things wrong than I do right...and I think that Mikayla is good in spite of me, rather than because of me.

But, all that being said, I am so grateful for the wonderful person that she is. Really, the wonderful people that all my children are.

And, I am grateful for a wonderful teacher who would take the time to send such a lovely letter.

After all the crummy teacher experiences we have had lately, this one feels like a little miracle.


Hilary said...

Ummm... is she adopted? :)
Congrats to her, must've been our amazing influences when she was small. :)

Lara said...

That made me teary just reading it and it's not even my daughter.

What a wonderful teacher to take the time to write a letter like that and contrary to what you say, what a wonderful mother you are to raise such an outstanding daughter.

alamama said...

I feel the same about our DD. She is good in spite of us!

Jolinda said...

I agree, Kudos to the teacher who took the time. It's one thing to receive verbal praise about your children, but an extra special treat when it's written down. One for the books.

I used to think, like you, that I didn't have much to do with the way my kids have turned out. And then I moved here. It's all the little things we family dinner and making our kids have responsibilities at home. Add to that the love of our Savior and teachings of the gospel through FHE or great teachers at church. All these things contribute. You are doing a fabulous job. I pray as my kids get older they will realize that it's the little things more than the big things that help them be good people. Kindness goes a LONG way. And although we moms are not perfect, I think we're all doing okay. Way to go! (Sorry for making a comment as long as a blog entry!) :o)

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