Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't They Mean Normal Hair Day?

It was wacky hair day at the elementary school...because for some reason, they don't realize, this is pretty much every day at our house.

Nonetheless, the kids were excited to have their hair done, and were even willing to model for a few pictures.

Here's Josh, in the ever popular "shark".

Here's Joe, in the classic "stuck my finger in a light socket" look.

And, Emma, in the timeless Pippi Longstocking. If her hair were any longer, she wouldn't have fit through the doorway. As it way, I think she had to get on the bus sideways.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

At Last!!!!

So, we did it. We actually did it.

We took Mikayla to get her ears pierced.

She was soooo excited.

Drum roll, please.

Somebunny Loves You

Becky had her preschool party today and had to come dressed as either a Bible character or one of God's creatures (did I mention we go to a Lutheran preschool? shhh.)

Isn't she cute?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deprived, But, Who's Surprised?

So, I dropped Becky off with a friend today while I ran to help at Josh's school.

When we got to my friend's house, I told Becky that she was going to get to make cupcakes.

Becky says, "Cupcakes? Cupcakes? I have been waiting for this day since I was a baby. I never made cupcakes before. Wow."

Apparently, my child has been deprived.

Blog Award?

So, my friend Christine (alamama) gave me this blog award, and I am supposed to name seven things that I am thankful for and pass this award on to seven blogs that I enjoy.

This feels like a tag in disguise, but since it's my first blog "award" I'll take it.

Plus, it never hurts to remember what we are thankful for:

1. I am thankful for my good husband, who works so hard to support our family. And I try to remember it every time he goes on vacation...I mean a "work trip."
2. I am thankful for my sweet children, who amaze me daily with their faith and good works. And I try to remember it every time they drive me crazy!
3. I am thankful for the gym. Egads. It sucks. But I am working out, and getting fit and by golly, it's going to be good for me if it kills me.
4. I am thankful for good friends. I wouldn't make it through all this other stuff without them.
5. I am thankful for technology, because frankly, sometimes it's nice to do something I REALLY enjoy.
6. I am thankful for the Gospel. I know that this should be higher up on the list, but I am listing them as I think of them. And really, without the Gospel, I would be nothing.
7. I am thankful for my house. Because, baby it's cold outside.

And I am proud to present this award to: Andrea, Melanie, Sarah, Lara, Alex, Lisa, and Stacy...because I really enjoy your blogs...and it's nice to know that I am not alone in fighting the good fight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lost, But Not Found

Apparently Troy is travelling so much, I know no longer know when he will be out of town.

After getting back late Satruday, I thought I had a good week before Troy had to go again...but he snuck in another trip and is gone again today.

*big sigh*

He DID tell me he was leaving, but I guess I forgot.

So in addition to losing my husband, I am also losing my mind.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Light in the Darkness

Are you sick of gushing posts about my kids?

Too bad.

I just have to say, that the more Mikayla goes out into the world, the more and more proud I am of the wonderful person that she is.

She has courage and I really admire it.

Last Friday in Language Arts they had a sub and watched a movie. Several times during the movie they used mild profanity (the D word) and took the Lord's name in vain.

Mikayla was very uncomfortable with this, as well as with the violence in the movie.

Today, her teacher returned and was set to show the rest of the movie.

Mikayla told her teacher that she was uncomfortable watching the movie, the reasons why, and then asked if she could be excused from watching the rest. (All while the other kids in the class said that it was no big deal.)

In fact, Mikayla's act of courage inspired another student to also ask to be excused from the movie.


She is such an example to me.

How many times have I PAID money to go and see a movie that had things in it that were inapporpriate? How is it that I can watch these same movies and be numb to these things that my daughter finds objectionable?

I am SUPER impressed with her firm conviction about what is right and what is wrong, and her willingness to stand up for what she KNOWS is right.

I am planning on following her example.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh, yeah

Troy was supposed to come home today, but of course he called to say that his flight had been cancelled and he didn't know when he was coming home.


Considering I hosted a baby shower and Mikayla's birthday party today, it should have come as NO suprise.

Oh well.

I survived the invasion of six very silly 12 year old girls...barely.

Never, ever in my life have I wished that I had Troy's hearing...but tonight, I would have gladly traded with him!

Having survived the day, I just want to tell you...


How sad is that? Seriously.

For those of you not versed in tween speak, we went to see High School Muscial 3 tonight...and I was prepared to be BORED silly.

But, the movie was TOTALLY cute, and the music was really great, and I have to say, I'm a fan.

The funniest thing was there was an "older" woman in the lobby of the movie theater who stopped to chat with the girls and she was telling them how cute she thought Zac Efron was.

At the time, all I could think was're old enough to be his grandmother. And, although I am TECHNICALLY old enough to be his mother...the movie turned my ewww into...well, you get the point.

Go wildcats!

p.s. Troy did finally find his way home and we are glad to have him.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Foolishness

So, I got tagged...twice.

Once from Melanie and once from Jolinda.

So, from Melanie, it was a photo tag, and I was to go to the sixth folder in my photos and post the sixth photo.

Yeah. Katie discovers jello.

And, I in turn tag Jolinda, Lara, Robin (maybe you'll blog), Amy (ditto), Lisa, and Mariann.

Okay, so from Jolinda...we have three things through the years.

So, here goes.

20 years ago:

1. I was living in Huntington Beach, California.
2. I was a Junior in high school and loving every minute of it.
3. I was preparing to meeting with the missionaries and take the discussions.

10 years ago:

1. I was living in Provo, Utah.
2. I just found out that I was pregnant and expecting twins. I cried. A lot.
3. I was putting Troy through law school and working at Franklin Covey.

5 years ago:

1. I was living in Vienna, Virginia.
2. Mikayla was now in the first grade and I had three other children at home.
3. I was still struggling with loving the SAHM thing...and trying to find my bliss.

3 years ago:

1. We were living in the house we live in now.
2. I was now the mother of FIVE and learning to manage life with a husband who travelled frequently.
3. I was happy to have celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage to my best friend.

1 year ago:

1. The family continued to expand with the addition of our sixth child.
2. I was unable to breast feed the baby, so pumping had become a near full-time job! Oh my gosh, am I glad that's over!!!!
3. I was in book report hell, because third grade is the once a month book report, with an oral report, a written report and a project due each time...with TWO kids to help every month, I thought I would lose my mind.

This year so far:

1. I have found a passion for blogging and digital scrapbooking which occupy a good chunk of my free time.
2. Troy and I were able to go to Paris for a week and enjoy a romantic getaway sans children.
3. Troy has travelled MORE than ever, but we are finding our stride.


1. We went to see the broken little Taylor family and took Ben a birthday present. Chocolate, of course.
2. We took Mikayla to her very first Young Woman's meeting. Ack. Still feel old.
3. We played hookey from Pack Meeting, because frankly, it just doesn't work for my family. If 7-8pm is too late for an 8year-old-boy to be at the church, it is CERTAINLY too late for my 5 year-old, my 3 year-old and my 1 year-old!!!!!


1. I got after the kids for being is a never ending battle.
2. I went to the gym, because, by golly, I am going to lose weight, or die trying.
3. I blogged. Big shock.


1. I am getting ready for a baby shower I am throwing on Saturday.
2. I am making dinner for the Taylors. Natalie has to have her leg reset. Poor baby.
3. Troy will only have one more day on his trip. Yay!

Next Year:

1. Hopefully Becky will be in preschool five days a week. What will I do with myself and only one child at home?
2. I am hoping that we might get a second don't keep having to drive Troy to the train!
3. I am hoping that I will have gone to the gym from now and until then, and I will of course be so hot...well, I don't know what.

There you go. Me through the ages.

I tag my sisters-in-law, Kim, Kelly, and Paulette, because none of you blog enough. And, since one good turn deserves another...I tag you too Melanie!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bump in the Night

So, I just had to share.

We were driving in the car today and Becky says, "Mom, I know what sound a squirrel makes."

"You do?"

"Yes. Bump. Bump."

For those of you who don't live in squirrel infested Virginia, that would indeed be the sound a squirrel makes when you run over it. a related story...Becky has taken to asking questions to which she thinks she knows the answer.

When you confirm to her that she was, in fact, right, she says, "Yes. I KNEW it. I'm right. I'm right. I'm right. I'm right. I'm right."

I don't know where she got that from! LOL!

Like Father, Like Daughter

Well, Troy is gone again...but I didn't even have to miss him...because when I walked into the kitchen and saw this:

I just had to laugh.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure...those are Troy's pink dishwashing gloves that Emma is wearing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old Age Comes Too Soon

So, today is the day.

I am officially old.

Okay, really, this isn't about me...but I am sure that I can find a way to work it it in somehow!

Seriously, Mikayla is 12 years old today.

Holy crap.

Can you believe that 12 years ago today I had my first baby?

It was a Monday, and my last day at work before taking maternity leave.

I knew that I was probably in labor when I went to work that morning, but I had some things to finish up and the labor pains weren't too bad.

So, off I went.

I am sure that I was quite a sight walking down the hallway, pausing every few steps to let the contractions subside.

I really was just waiting for them to get a little more regular...but that never really happened.

I was also hoping that my water would break and I would just know that it was time to go.

Well, at about 5 pm, as I was finishing up for the occurred to me that my water might have already broken and I just didn't know it (it would require details that wouldn't be fit for public consumption, so I will spare you).


I called Troy and said, "I think I might be in labor and maybe my water broke. I am going to the hospital."

Troy wanted to come and get me at work and drive me to the hospital, but I was it makes for a better story to say that I had to drive myself to the hospital to have a baby.

So, I got to the hospital and I was dilated to a seven and sure enough my water had broken. But, because my water had probably been broken for quite some time (like since the night before) they put me on pitocin and REALLY got me going.

That was about 6 pm. And at 9 pm after just a couple of pushes, we welcomed Mikayla into the world.

She was so pretty and just a wonderful little baby.

And she is still so amazing and wonderful and I am incredibly she is a part of our family.

So, happy birthday Mikayla.

We all love you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Half Full Today

I think that some of the Taylor's bad luck rubbed off on us today.

Troy missed the train. And you know what that means...I won a trip to DC.

And then, when I got back from driving him to work, I went to the gym, and just as I got the kids out of the car, and went to reach for the diaper bag, Becky sweetly shut the door...locking both the diaper bag and the keys to the car inside.

But, where I might normally be very grumpy right about now, I am instead feeling grateful for tender mercies.

So, even though I had to drive Troy to work this morning, all went well and we didn't hit any traffic.

And even though the keys got locked in the car, Tamee was still at the gym and was able to drive us home so I could get the extra set of car keys.

And, there are so many more tender mercies I have been able to enjoy during these (and other) times of trial recently.

So today, instead of looking the glass half empty, I see it more than half full.

And it only took 13 years of marriage to Troy for me to be a little optimistic.

Egads. What's next?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Go, Kids!

Today was the primary program and it was so great.

It was the first year since we moved into the ward that I didn't have to sit on the stand with the was so fun to be able to see them.

I had FIVE kids in the program this year. Crazy! And it was so wonderful to see each of the children say their parts and sing so well.

Troy also did an AWESOME job as the chorister...he really gets those kids to SING! I am sure that when he was called to this position, no one had any idea what they were going to get...and even though you get the occassional bean bag fly through the room, or the tackle football demonstrations, you also get all the love and enthusiasm Troy brings to everything he does. I am as proud of him today, as I am of the kids.

And, as good as it was, it was a little bittersweet too...It was Mikayla's last primary program...her last day in primary...and my first step into the world beyond primary. EEK!

But, she did a really great job with her part and she even played the piano...which was a major step for her.

Becky, Josh, Emma, and Joe each did so well, it was such a great moment for me as their mom!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What do you do when...

What do you do when your children are smarter than you are?

Joe and I were talking, and I said that I would be with him in a minute.

He stops and looks at me and says, "Now, when you say that mom, is that an exaggeration or is that hyberbole?"

um. yeah.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Has It Come To This?

So I went to Costco yesterday...and can I just tell you, that shopping for groceries, in October, to Christmas music is enough to turn your stomach.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next person, but we haven't even had Halloween yet!!!!

And, if that wasn't crazy enough, waiting in line for gas at Costco, with 50 other people was surreal.


Gas was unbelievable $2.67 compared to the regular gas stations at $2.99, but 50 people?

And, since I am on a roll, can I just tell you that my milk and my gas were the same price per gallon?

$100 for a full tank of gas and a weeks worth of milk.

We either need to drive less or stop drinking milk.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Good, the Bad, but Luckily, No Ugly

Had a little photo shoot with the Kunz Family this morning.

I thought it went well...even with a three-year-old that cried the entire time.

I still have a lot to learn, and there are things that I think I could have done better...but I still really like how the photos turned out.

Here's a few.

The Family

I thought the lighting could have been better. But I still like them.

Really like how the kids turned out. Even the crying one! LOL!

Caught this sweet moment in between.

And by far, my favorites, were the couple shots. Could have just been the Rob and Andrea shoot.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Cows AND The Corn

Well, it appears that Friday is going to be field trip day, and apparently, the only place to go on a field trip is to Cows n Corn.

Not that I don't love it...but really, how many times can you go and have it still be fresh (well, I guess that just an expression in this case...because, honestly, the air is anything BUT fresh!)

It was fun to spend some time with Josh...with so many kids, the alone time means a lot.

And Josh is a really great kid.

All the kids on the field trip were basically good, but there were a few squirrely ones in there, and it makes me appreciate that Josh is almost always on his best behavior when we are in public (ALMOST always).

And can I just say, kindergartners can be sooo sweet!

The thing that I like about Josh is that he doesn't do anything halfway...if he is going to make butter, he is going to shake that little container for all it's worth...if he rides a bike, you better get out of the way...and if he is playing...he is going ALL THE WAY.

His enthusiasm is pretty wonderful to watch...I just need to remember that when he is ENTHUSIASTIC at home! LOL!

All in all, a pretty great day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's Do It My Way

The difference between dad and mom?

Troy changed the baby's clothes. Then he gave the old outfit to her and said, "Go and put this in the laundry basket."

Guess where I found it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Somtimes, You Should Just Stay Home

I always enjoy conference weekend.

I enjoy being at home with my family. I enjoy listening to conference.

I especially enjoy the fact that there are always a couple of talks that I KNOW were meant just for me!

And of course, this conference was all the sweeter because Troy finally made it home.

And, as if the day wasn't jam packed enough, on Saturday, Troy decided that we should go to Fall for Fairfax in between sessions.

Well, Troy had this brilliant idea about 15 minutes before he actually wanted to of course, I wasn't ready.

I ran off to take a shower, while Troy loaded the kids up in the car. He ran and got the kids some lunch while I finished getting ready.

So, we get to the little carinval...and I ask Troy if he brought the stroller.

Ah, no.

Luckily, I had the backpack in the we got Katie set up in that and go to head off to the carnvial...when Becky says, "But wait. I don't have any shoes."

No shoes?

Great. So we got to be THOSE people, and walk around with our shoeless daughter.


Can you say WT? Cause, you know, walking around with six kids doesn't draw ANY attention.

Oh well.

And the best part of the day for me?

Well, as we go to leave, Troy gets Katie out of the backpack and loads her up into the car.

We drive away and stop at a red light.

The nice man in the car next to us runs up and says you're dragging something under the car.

Really? What could it be?

Any guesses?

If you guessed the baby backpack you'd be right.

Troy forgot to put it into the trunk, backed over it, and dragged it a mile.

I laughed my butt off.

I'm so glad my hubby's home! (Really, I AM!!)

Til The Cows Come Home

Becky had a field trip at school on Friday.

It was actaully pretty fun.

We went to Cows-n-Corn, which I have to say, when you've gone get the idea.

But, this trip was made better by the fact that Janet, Erica, Andrea, and Stacy all came along. So while Becky got to play with her friends, I got to play with mine!

It was a beautiful day, and Becky had a really good time...and we learned some interesting things.

1. When you follow Janet through a corn maze, be prepared to step off the beaten path...literally.

2. I am seriously addicted to scrapbooking, because I spent the entire day thinking about all the scrapbook layouts I was going to with the photos that I was taking.

3. When you get a bunch of moms together who all have fairly decent cameras, it starts too look like the paparazzi and makes you wonder which celebrities the kids belong to.

4. Becky does not like all.

5. Becky does however, think that chickens and sheep are okay.

and, last, but not least,

6. Everything is better with your friends!

All in all, a very good day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I Am Not Alone

In the middle of my mental friends really came through for me.

And I would be very ungreatful if I didn't tell them thank you.

It's nice to know that in my moments of crisis, I am not alone...each of you was the answer to a more ways than you will ever know.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Down, But Not Out

I am having a bad day...I won't go into details, but suffice it to say, it was so bad, I couldn't even find the desire to scrapbook. *gasp* I know!

So when Troy called and I had a little break down on the phone...well, let's just say that it wasn't my finest moment.

Fast forward an hour.

I'm a lucky girl.
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