Sunday, October 5, 2008

Til The Cows Come Home

Becky had a field trip at school on Friday.

It was actaully pretty fun.

We went to Cows-n-Corn, which I have to say, when you've gone get the idea.

But, this trip was made better by the fact that Janet, Erica, Andrea, and Stacy all came along. So while Becky got to play with her friends, I got to play with mine!

It was a beautiful day, and Becky had a really good time...and we learned some interesting things.

1. When you follow Janet through a corn maze, be prepared to step off the beaten path...literally.

2. I am seriously addicted to scrapbooking, because I spent the entire day thinking about all the scrapbook layouts I was going to with the photos that I was taking.

3. When you get a bunch of moms together who all have fairly decent cameras, it starts too look like the paparazzi and makes you wonder which celebrities the kids belong to.

4. Becky does not like all.

5. Becky does however, think that chickens and sheep are okay.

and, last, but not least,

6. Everything is better with your friends!

All in all, a very good day.


Lara said...

I keep hearing about this it worth the trip from here? Or is it almost the same as Cox Farms?

Looks like a fun day for kids and moms!

Amy said...

I love Field Trips with friends!

In fact, I even recruit friends and make them go so I can have fun too!

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