Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Go, Kids!

Today was the primary program and it was so great.

It was the first year since we moved into the ward that I didn't have to sit on the stand with the was so fun to be able to see them.

I had FIVE kids in the program this year. Crazy! And it was so wonderful to see each of the children say their parts and sing so well.

Troy also did an AWESOME job as the chorister...he really gets those kids to SING! I am sure that when he was called to this position, no one had any idea what they were going to get...and even though you get the occassional bean bag fly through the room, or the tackle football demonstrations, you also get all the love and enthusiasm Troy brings to everything he does. I am as proud of him today, as I am of the kids.

And, as good as it was, it was a little bittersweet too...It was Mikayla's last primary program...her last day in primary...and my first step into the world beyond primary. EEK!

But, she did a really great job with her part and she even played the piano...which was a major step for her.

Becky, Josh, Emma, and Joe each did so well, it was such a great moment for me as their mom!


Melanie said...

Yup, great job Troy! And Mikayla did such a great job playing, I didn't even know it wasn't the regular pianist!

Brianna said...

Our kids had their program today too. It was so great! Elijah is getting closer to being done with primary too...I can't even imagine how it feels to see Mikalya moving into the next phase of her life, and you right along with her. How great you got one more primary program from her on her last Sunday in primary!!

Lara said...

Troy has my admiration. As you can see from my post today I think being the primary chorister is one of the hardest jobs in the church!

I can't believe Mikayla's all done with primary now. It was also Cami's last program, but she's still got several months left before YW. Have fun!

Puhlman said...

Oh that makes me so sad that my kids didn't get to participate. Our new ward has their program this next Sunday but I don't know if there is a part for them. sniff sniff. You do have a great family. Keep up the great work on teaching them.

Kimber said...

Today was also a little bittersweet for me as I attended the Priesthood Preview with Jefferson. He is so ready to take this next step on his way to adulthood, but I know I'd like to stretch it out a little longer!

Sarah said...

Our program was yesterday, too. Ethan got cold feet and refused to say his part. He then proceeded to pick his nose the rest of the time. Lovely.

I wish I could have sat in the audience too! But I've been up on the stand for four years in a row now. Blah!

I would have loved to see the kids do their parts and Troy leading the music! A Beatty-fest!!

The Beatty Beehive said...

I get to see lots of programs as a stake rep. I love each one and the children are awesome. Troy is the only male choirester that I know of.... GO TROY!!!!

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