Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh, yeah

Troy was supposed to come home today, but of course he called to say that his flight had been cancelled and he didn't know when he was coming home.


Considering I hosted a baby shower and Mikayla's birthday party today, it should have come as NO suprise.

Oh well.

I survived the invasion of six very silly 12 year old girls...barely.

Never, ever in my life have I wished that I had Troy's hearing...but tonight, I would have gladly traded with him!

Having survived the day, I just want to tell you...


How sad is that? Seriously.

For those of you not versed in tween speak, we went to see High School Muscial 3 tonight...and I was prepared to be BORED silly.

But, the movie was TOTALLY cute, and the music was really great, and I have to say, I'm a fan.

The funniest thing was there was an "older" woman in the lobby of the movie theater who stopped to chat with the girls and she was telling them how cute she thought Zac Efron was.

At the time, all I could think was're old enough to be his grandmother. And, although I am TECHNICALLY old enough to be his mother...the movie turned my ewww into...well, you get the point.

Go wildcats!

p.s. Troy did finally find his way home and we are glad to have him.


The Valentine Fam said...

I tried to get Jed to take me on a date to it, but he looked at me like I was insane! Glad Troy made it back!

Brianna said...

I took Elijah to see HSM3 last night too. I haven't watched the first 2, but got sucked right into the 3rd. We bought the soundtrack and I found myself listening to it in the car tonight with NO kids. Totally sucked in, just like you :)
Happy Birthday to Mikayla! Glad Troy made it home.

Andrea said...

And now that you are a HSM3 fan, you'll have to give Twilight a try!!

Glad Troy finally made it home!

Charlene said...

I'm glad Troy made it home. That is what I am not looking forward to come winter and Roger not making it home because of winter stroms!

Lara said...

I really don't like throwing birthday brave of you to throw it with Troy gone! Glad he's home now! I guess I'll be seeing HSM3 soon too. Glad to hear it's not as bad as most 3rd movies are.

Amy said...

I'm glad to see you've got the abbreviations down.... can we start texting now?

It is my preferred method for quick questions- quick answers- and daily happy "thinking of you's!"

I'm glad you had fun and I'm glad Troy's home.

Jolinda said...

I am so co-dependent! I would've been sighing and wishing for chocolate right along with you. Big adventures on your own...glad it worked out. (I am totally a HSM fan and can't wait to see 3.)

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