Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old Age Comes Too Soon

So, today is the day.

I am officially old.

Okay, really, this isn't about me...but I am sure that I can find a way to work it it in somehow!

Seriously, Mikayla is 12 years old today.

Holy crap.

Can you believe that 12 years ago today I had my first baby?

It was a Monday, and my last day at work before taking maternity leave.

I knew that I was probably in labor when I went to work that morning, but I had some things to finish up and the labor pains weren't too bad.

So, off I went.

I am sure that I was quite a sight walking down the hallway, pausing every few steps to let the contractions subside.

I really was just waiting for them to get a little more regular...but that never really happened.

I was also hoping that my water would break and I would just know that it was time to go.

Well, at about 5 pm, as I was finishing up for the day...it occurred to me that my water might have already broken and I just didn't know it (it would require details that wouldn't be fit for public consumption, so I will spare you).


I called Troy and said, "I think I might be in labor and maybe my water broke. I am going to the hospital."

Troy wanted to come and get me at work and drive me to the hospital, but I was fine...plus it makes for a better story to say that I had to drive myself to the hospital to have a baby.

So, I got to the hospital and I was dilated to a seven and sure enough my water had broken. But, because my water had probably been broken for quite some time (like since the night before) they put me on pitocin and REALLY got me going.

That was about 6 pm. And at 9 pm after just a couple of pushes, we welcomed Mikayla into the world.

She was so pretty and just a wonderful little baby.

And she is still so amazing and wonderful and I am incredibly she is a part of our family.

So, happy birthday Mikayla.

We all love you.


Charlene said...

I remember that day you had Mikayla! Happy Birthday Mikayla! A beautiful girl and a beautiful layout!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla!! Welcome to Young Womens!!

Sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKAYLA!!! I miss the days when you were in my Primary class. You are such a beautiful girl and so smart! I have always been impressed with your maturity and how you are so willing to help your parents and your siblings. You also have a great sense of humor and are so creative. The Young Women are lucky to have you!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Kim said...

That is such a good first labor story!! Happy Birthday!! When Britton turned 13 this year I thanked him for being the start of 13 straight years of diapers!!

Hilary said...

Oh man, you ARE old, and that makes me quite old too.

Lara said...

Happy birthday Mikayla! You're going to love Young Womens!

Angela Jensen said...

Man, She is georgous!

Mara said...

Happy birthday Mikayla! It's funny--I still see her as her little four year-old self that I used to see when I'd visit you guys in Provo. I just can't believe she is so very grown-up now. Terrifying Terrific Time marches on!

Lia said...

I'll help you feel younger. Ryan turns 21 on Sunday. I'm the one who feel old.

lilluv89 said...


The Perkins said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla! I wish we lived closer so we could celebrate with you.

Kimber said...

I remember what a beautiful baby Mikayla was, and she has grown into a beautiful young woman!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla!
As my girls get older it has become more and more important to me for them to have good role models. Becky and J.J. really look up to you and I'm so grateful to you for setting such a good example!

alexandra said...

Wow, Mikayla looks so grown up! Far cry from the 5-year-old we first met back at the townhouse. You're going to love Young Women's!

And Denise, if Mikayla's grown up then, yep, that makes you officially "old age" - but always young at heart???

Paulette said...

Hope you had a marvelous birthday Mikayla. We love you, Uncle Steve and Aunt Paulette

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla. We love you! I can't believe both you and Christopher are in mutual.

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