Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Resolution Check Up

I based this year's resolutions on the word "Choose".

And in some areas I'm doing really well, and it other areas...not so much.

Everyday Goals:

I wanted to take a photo a day. Which I've done and I'm pleased with how documenting our life is going.

I am trying to cook more often and try new things. This is also going fairly well.

Physical Goals:

I am trying to get out and move everyday. I am failing miserably. But...I am not going to let it get me down. I plan to keep going.

I am also trying to eat better. Again. Failing miserably. But...moving forward from where I am.

Relationship Goals:

I am striving to make good choices in how I deal with the kids. This isn't perfect for me, but I feel like i've come a long away. My relationships with the kids feel like they are moving in the right direction. I can't ask for more than that. 

We are working on learning everyone's love languages ... and i'm trying hard to love them in the ways that are most meaningful to them.

Troy and I are in a really good place. It's nice to feel so at peace with things...and know we are moving together and with similar purpose.

Spiritual Goals:

I am growing my testimony. I am working on the areas where I feel weak. I'm moving forward. 

I think for me...when I start to fail is when I stop choosing. I need to have purpose in my decisions and sometimes I don't ... I just let things happen to me.

Isn't that true for so many of us? 

2.15.2013 to 2.18.2013

Poor Katie woke up and promptly threw up. She really wanted to go to school, but we made her stay home.

Katie was feeling much better as the day worn on. I don't think she was sick ... maybe she ate something?

All the other kids had activities so we took the little girls out to eat. How much do i love this photo?

The girl's had a game on Saturday. Only one girl from the other team came - so we manned both teams and played. It was quite a victory!!

Saturday night was out with the boys for Tyler's birthday dinner.

And of course, Joe had to put his face in his dessert.

And Sunday was church. Becky is looking sooooo grown up to me!

And seriously...how cute is this outfit?

Going to church.

Coming home. Katie's face. Seriously.

And since Monday was a holiday...I got to have a date with my sweetheart.

And to make my day...Troy indulged me by going shopping with me. What a good guy.


Happy V Day.

Love this note from Josh. "Pear"ents. So cute.

Since Troy and I went to New York for an early Valentine's this day was so much more low key and it turned out so much better than any valentine's day we'd ever had. 

mmmm. love my valentines. 

2.12.2013 to 2.13.2013

Ohmyword. Love my diva.

I made the dessert for enrichment. It was a lovely night, even though the poor weather kept many away. 


Troy turned 40 today. We had already had a big party so we had a quiet night at home for his actual birthday.

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf.

We almost lit Troy's cake on fire with all the candles.

The Darrahs came over and ate with us and brought Troy is great Flowbee T-shirt.

haha. perfect.

2.8.2013 to 2.10.2013


Waiting at the ortho. With 4 kids in various stages of braces...well...enough said.

Love having a Cafe Rio so close by.

Our ward was in charge of an adult dinner and dance. I was in charge of decorations. I though it turned out rather well -- and we had a huge turnout. It was great!

Troy took some time to dance with a single sister in our ward. They really cut a rug.


I love living so close to DC. Being able to drive in and have lunch with Troy is always a treat.

We decided to eat at the Source, a Wolfgang Puck place inside the Newseum.

You know the place you're eating is fancy when it has this nice a waiting room!

Love my sweet hubby!


There was a lot of waiting this day. So the story of my life.


Oh man. Be still my heart.


We have a really good life and I try to remember that when things are hard.

My oldest and I are so much alike...it should be no surprise to anyone that we sometimes have a problem with communication.

She is such a good girl. I could never ask for a better daughter. But she is also independent and stubborn.

And being a teenager is no easy task.

So we keep on keeping on...and we remain grateful for the sunshine...especially when there's shade.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Menu Week 6

Last Week:

Perfect Potato Soup: This was so good. Thank you Emma for the recommendation. You can't go wrong with Pioneer Woman. KEEPER!

Bowtie Chicken Alfredo: This was FABULOUS! Even Josh liked it. No bottled sauce can even come close.

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham: Troy is always complaining that I don't make enough casseroles. It's not my thing. But this one sounded good and it was! The kids loved it! KEEPER

This Week:

Lemon Chicken
Slow Cooker Tikka Maslala
Chicken Marsala

Hope you're enjoying this as much as we are!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Sunday was such a great day.

I really enjoyed church today. Every class was good. Every testimony was perfect.

I realized that I get so much more out of church when I am in a place to receive. And when I'm not in that place...church does little for me.

It's taken a while, but I'm so glad to be here again.

We hung out with the kids...watched a movie. and a little football.

Perfect day.

this one melts my heart.



Saturday was a great day. Troy will be 40 soon and I threw him a surprise birthday party.

It was a great party.

The best part of it... best part? that might not be the right word... but it's the part of the story that makes this a totally US story.

The week had been crazy...trying to get everything together, trying to cook and make party favors...and just get a hundred things done...all without Troy knowing.

Well, the stress of it, I think, took it's toll...because poor Troy was feeling very neglected by the time Saturday rolled around.

And we had little "tiff".

And it wasn't pretty.

And I felt bad.

And almost spoiled the party.

But..I held it together.

And we had the party.

And Troy came in.

And was surprised.

And then...he hung his head in shame.

best. moment. all. day.

It was a great night.

I wanted 40 to feel special for him.

And I think Troy felt the love.

Getting Troy a gift was so difficult. I could not think of anything. Luckily, Jenn remembered that Troy had always wanted a Flowbee. Which is so true!

So I got one for him. And he was so very happy.

The party favors.

It was a great night.
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