Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2.15.2013 to 2.18.2013

Poor Katie woke up and promptly threw up. She really wanted to go to school, but we made her stay home.

Katie was feeling much better as the day worn on. I don't think she was sick ... maybe she ate something?

All the other kids had activities so we took the little girls out to eat. How much do i love this photo?

The girl's had a game on Saturday. Only one girl from the other team came - so we manned both teams and played. It was quite a victory!!

Saturday night was out with the boys for Tyler's birthday dinner.

And of course, Joe had to put his face in his dessert.

And Sunday was church. Becky is looking sooooo grown up to me!

And seriously...how cute is this outfit?

Going to church.

Coming home. Katie's face. Seriously.

And since Monday was a holiday...I got to have a date with my sweetheart.

And to make my day...Troy indulged me by going shopping with me. What a good guy.

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Heather said...

I adore Becky and Katie's outfits! And seeing the photo of all six kids in the car almost makes me want to have two more. Almost.

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