Sunday, October 5, 2008

Somtimes, You Should Just Stay Home

I always enjoy conference weekend.

I enjoy being at home with my family. I enjoy listening to conference.

I especially enjoy the fact that there are always a couple of talks that I KNOW were meant just for me!

And of course, this conference was all the sweeter because Troy finally made it home.

And, as if the day wasn't jam packed enough, on Saturday, Troy decided that we should go to Fall for Fairfax in between sessions.

Well, Troy had this brilliant idea about 15 minutes before he actually wanted to of course, I wasn't ready.

I ran off to take a shower, while Troy loaded the kids up in the car. He ran and got the kids some lunch while I finished getting ready.

So, we get to the little carinval...and I ask Troy if he brought the stroller.

Ah, no.

Luckily, I had the backpack in the we got Katie set up in that and go to head off to the carnvial...when Becky says, "But wait. I don't have any shoes."

No shoes?

Great. So we got to be THOSE people, and walk around with our shoeless daughter.


Can you say WT? Cause, you know, walking around with six kids doesn't draw ANY attention.

Oh well.

And the best part of the day for me?

Well, as we go to leave, Troy gets Katie out of the backpack and loads her up into the car.

We drive away and stop at a red light.

The nice man in the car next to us runs up and says you're dragging something under the car.

Really? What could it be?

Any guesses?

If you guessed the baby backpack you'd be right.

Troy forgot to put it into the trunk, backed over it, and dragged it a mile.

I laughed my butt off.

I'm so glad my hubby's home! (Really, I AM!!)


Bringhurst Family said...

I don't know sometimes guys and details...reminds me of the time Brandon went to wash the car and left the very nice fairly new booster seat at the carwash. Yeah never saw that again.

Puhlman said...

This is too funny. Love it. Had a good laugh at 5:00 in the morning.

Emily Merchant said...

Love it! It is always great to know we are not the only ones who "plan" such "successful" outings.

Lara said...

LOL! We've totally done the shoeless thing more often than I'd like to admit!

Charlene said...

LOL! I can imagine the backpack dragging along the van. Too funny!

steven said...

Troy how much of all those problems were really Denises fault? come on u can tell me the real truth. love you guys sounds like u have alot of fun keep on laughing at your selves its healthy. love uncle steve.

Amy said...

From this and the other post, I'm wondering if you should be giving him different tasks. Ones that do not involve clothing, baby paraphenalia, and children.

Is there a de-briefing maybe that he could attend when coming off the plane. The government is very inventive. Maybe they have a flashy thing they can wave in front of him that will bring him back to reality!

Tamee said...

Aren't you glad that you can blog this day so that you never forget all the things your forgot.

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