Sunday, May 25, 2008

Guess What?

Well, he did it. He came through, and in a big way.

Who am I talking about?

Why, my wonderful husband.

And what am I talking about?

Why this. My beautiful, new camera. After being gone on and off for five weeks, and barely making it through, at the end of it all, my hubby bought me this great new camera.

And it was worth it! Every penny.

Woo hoo.

A sampling of my first photos. These are straight from the camera, untouched. Just think what I could do if I KNEW how to use this dang thing!

And BTW, when the heck did my girls get to be so grown up? Ahhh!

(p.s. I'll have some of the boys tomorrow.)


Floyd Family said...

Yea! What a wonderful suprise. I can't wait to see all the neat phots you'll take!

Melanie said...

Oohh, I'm so jealous. I've been working on Travis for this one too! Maybe for Christmas...

Brianna said...

That is a great surprise! You have lots to take pictures of, so I am so happy for you!
I can not believe how big your kids are either...they always seem to keep growing!

Charlene said...

What a wonderful gift!! I am excited to see what your pictures look like from your new camera!

Puhlman said...

WAY COOL. Lucky girl. Now you can practice and do our family photos. HA. J/K

Hilary said...

Understanding Exposure -- I think ti's by Bryan Peterson.
Best book evah!

The Valentine Family said...

Awesome! I'm so happy that you finally got one. You'll love it. The pictures of the girls are great...they are growing up so fast.

alexandra said...

So stinkin' cool! Learn how to use it so I can ask you for tips with my new camera. Oh, wait. I don't have one. . . Well, at least I still have an excuse for the not so stellar pics on my blog.

Kelli said...

Just call katie! I do all the time and she knows just what to do to fix my "oops" moments. Your photos before were awesome, now what will they be? Graduation is done... look for blog updates! love you Kelli

Kimber said...

Wow - I'm jealous :)

Lara said...

I got one for Christmas and it is SO fun to take pictures so effortlessly! Although I feel like I need to take a class to use it when you get yours figured out you can come over and give me a lesson. :)

Amberlyn said...

Oh my word!!! My husband just bought me the SAME camera over the weekend.

Hello, parallel lives!!!

I need lessons on how to use it too!!

Even though I'm not sure how to use it, it's so much fun to be able to take such great pictures!!!

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