Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dirt Baby, Part 2

So I had to do an update on our little dirt baby. If you are not sure what a dirt baby is, please see this previous post.

Much to our surprise, the dirt baby really did grow "hair." The kids are pretty excited about it.

I won't tell you whose hair I think it resembles.



Amberlyn said...

If I were to take a wild guess (and that's what this is) I would say it resembles baby katie's hair.

Just a guess.

As I review your blog I find that you are one popular lady!!!

I would love to have 7 comments left for each of my posts!!!

I feel very lucky to be a part.

The Valentine Family said...

That looks funky! Before long it's going to need a hair cut!

Troy said...

I agree with Amberlyn: I think it looks like baby Katie's hair!

Lara said...

What a fun little project...I'm glad you updated us. We just might have to give it a try ourselves.

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