Friday, May 23, 2008

O What a Beautiful Morning

WOW! It is a beautiful day!

So beautiful in fact (now wait for it) I went outside!

The kids and I went out and played and enjoyed a few cookies in the sun. It was great.

Katie has had a big week of first.

Here is her first experience with a sippy cup. I think it still needs a little work.

Here is her first experience in the grass in spring. Josh and Becky enjoyed it too!

Here is Katie eating a cookie. Healthy.

And just for fun, here is Becky trying to get her shoes on. It got so difficult she finally had to lay down to try and pull them on. It might have been a little easier if she had been putting them on the right feet, but really, where the fun be in that?

Have a great holiday weekend! I am looking forward to a date with Indiana Jones...oh wait, I mean Troy. hehe

1 comment:

Lara said...

I can't believe Katie's stunning blue eyes. Wow!

I love the picture of Becky getting on her boots...what a classic!

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