Sunday, May 11, 2008

Because She's the Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

It has been a great day. I will post more about my own wonderful mother's day tomorrow.

But for today, I wanted to tell you about my mom. (And as a little bonus there's even a picture of me! ha. This is a four generation picture with me, my mom, my grandmother, and my daughters. I hope to take another this summer for my other girls.)

My mom is fabulous. My mom and I didn't always see eye to eye when I was young. That might even be a bit of an understatement. haha

But now that I am a mother, and with hindsight being 20/20, I know that she always had my best interests at heart. And that she did what she thought best to make sure that I turned out okay. And, really, all in all, I think she did a good job!

She grew up with such a different life than I had, and I think that everything that she did was to make sure that my brother and I had every advantage that she didn't have. I know that she would tell you that she spoiled me, and she probably did...but I also know that she pushed me and she challenged me and I love her for that.

I love that she is a person of strong ideals. She holds tightly to those she loves and she would go to the mat for any one of us.

I love too, that now that I am older, I can consider her my friend as well as my mother.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.


Brianna said...

That is a beautiful picture! I hope you get to do another one. Isn't it wonderful to have our mothers become our friends? Happy Mother's Day, Denise!

Charlene said...

I also hope you get to do another one with all your daughters! That is a beautiful picture. Don't get to see that very often! I love seeing pictures of your family!

Amberlyn said...

I love the picture. And why might you ask? Because we finally get to see you!!!

You are beautiful and should show yourself more often!!!

And yes, everyone else looks beautiful too!!! What a cherished picture to always have!!!

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