Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brutal Truth

Top Five Signs That You Need to Lose Weight

5. Your clothes fit a little too snugly.

4. Your husband can no longer put his arms all the way around you.

3. Your favorite chair has developed a permanent sag.

2. The kid at the Dunkin Donuts counter calls you by your first name.

1. Your three-year-old daughter says, "Mommy, your tummy is squishy."

Okay, so not all of these things have happened to me...but, out of the mouth of babes.


Lara said...

Hehe! Apparently we were on the same blogging vibes tonight!

Puhlman said...

Yes just leave it up to the kids huh. One day I was walking with my niece. She was young===about 3 or 4. We were at Kmart. We came around the corner and my niece said, SHE IS FAT. I couldn't even believe it. I was so embarrassed and I was out of there so fast. I wonder what she would say about me now. Thank goodness I wasn't fat then. It is a different story now.

lbugsh2 said...

Well if it make you feel any better Zoe informed me the other day. "Mom you are getting fat." They all say it.

Charlene said...

My kids told me that they enjoy their bike ride with me, because they enjoy the breaks-the time it takes me to catch up to them!

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