Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, what is wrong with people?


I was reading this article today about resumes, and how to improve them. (Not for any reasons in particular, it just caught my eye.)

Anyway, after detailing all the different ways to add a little pizzazz to your resume, at the very bottom was this statement:

*The numbers provided in examples are not real. Please use your own data if using example on your résumé.
**Awards and publications are for example only. Please use your own publications and awards if using example on your résumé.
Because, goodness knows, if they had not given this warning....then someone might have just cut and pasted the examples from the article into their own resume.

Sadly, this is probably EXACTLY what would have happened...and might still, even with the warning.



Brianna said...

Isn't that much easier than earning them yourself! I think if someone else does it, than it's fine to use it on your own resume :)

Amy said...

That's just like those dumb common sense warnings on shampoo bottles, etc. That say, you know, like don't eat this and stuff.

Hello- what is wrong with people?

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