Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet, sweet sleep...oh, how I miss you!

So poor Katie has had three ear infections in the last four months. She is currently infection free, but she still has fluid in both ears that won't drain.

So, after a visit with the ENT today, its tubes for my sweet baby.

I know it will be so much better, but I hate the idea of her having surgery.

Of course, I hate being sleep deprived in addition to this being doctor recommended, and really the best thing for her...I also love the idea of her sleeping again...soon!


Tamee said...

OOh how I feel for you. We had a few months there with Garrett when Keith did the 3 am drive every nights.

Ok A good picture is greatly a function of a good camera. Let me come over with my fancy expensive camera and take picture of you and kid?

Hilary said...

C had tubes before he was one... was just what he needed. Wasn't a big fan of the whole surgery thing, but I made it through. :)

Amy said...

Tubes are fabulous! And there out of surgery before you know it- she'll be absolutely fine!

Puhlman said...

And you brought dinner to ME? You are the one who needs dinner. HOW CUTE KATIE LOOKS.

Puhlman said...

Katie looks so cute in those pics. I think you are the one who needs dinner girl!!!!!!!!!!!


Having had 3 kids get tubes (knock on wood that Mathison won't end up needing them), you'll see a huge difference after they're in. It's not bad as surgeries go - they don't even need an IV - but it's still hard when they take them away to the OR.

Anonymous said...

*raising my hand as a kid who had tubes three times*

Take care, D (c:

Robin said...

It sounds like tubes are a pretty common thing. Christopher also had them put in before he was one.

Really the worst thing is when the nurse comes in and takes your little baby out of your arms and then proceeds through a door you are not allowed to enter.

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