Monday, February 11, 2008

The Big 3-5

So today, my sweet Troy is the big 3-5.

Holy cow, that's old!

So in honor of Troy's birthday, 35 things you may or may not know:

1. He loves flat soda
2. He loves to swim
3. He is a morning person
4. He hates to throw anything away
5. He loves to play hearts (He was the champion on his mission in Poland)
6. If he could do anything he wanted...he would take a nap
7. He can still do a back flip
8. He has an unhealthy obsession with vacuums and squeegees
9. He loves greasy grilled cheese sandwiches and crumbs
10. He is notoriously happy, all the time, for no reason
11. He is an optimist (I hate that!)
12. He always looks for the good in people
13. He is very giving and a fault
14. He hates to eat out...which is so sad for his wife
15. He wishes his wife could get his socks as white as his mother could
16. He has questionable taste in television
17. He loves his kids and is a really hands on Dad
18. He loves puns...he thinks they are so funny
19. He is a REALLY hard worker...usually going above and beyond
20. He has a cute butt
21. He isn't really afraid of anything, nor does he worry...he doesn't see the point
22. He LOVES self-help books
23. He hates it when people say bad things about themselves
24. He cannot be guilted into anything...I hate this too!
25. He loves sayings, cliches, and well known phrases, but can never say them right
26. He wears a hat to bed when its cold
27. He wishes he were healthier in his choics and exercise habits
28. He loves to play the piano and sing
29. He pushes himself to do things outside his comfort zone because he thinks its good for him
30. He has the best laugh
31. He loves the outdoors
32. He rarely loses his temper
33. He owns about sixty blue shirts
34. He is a really good person
35. His wife really loves him, and hopes he has a happy birthday.

So leave my hubby a little love and feel free to tell us what you love about Troy.


The Valentine Family said...

Wow...35 years of experience! Happy Birthday Troy! Hope you have a great day. We love you!

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Troy!

I really like that you make my junior-high friend such a happy woman. Thank you (c:


Great pic of Troy and Mikayla...Happy Birthday, Troy!

Andrea said...

I really liked this. What I admire most about Troy is something you already said--that he tries to see the good in people. Happy Birthday!

Paul said...

A back-flipping husband with a cute butt. The perfect man. Enjoy the day Troy.

Susan said...

Another thing about Troy - he loves to make up his own sayings, hoping that they will gain mainstream popularity and use (e.g, punch it in the bag!).

Happy Birthday Troy!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday!

The Perkins said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Troy! Hope you had a wonderful day, love ya!

Shelby said...

Wow, Dave is older than Troy.

I regret that we never played Hearts--I'm kind of a champion myself.

so Happy Birthday to a fellow moon-shooter.

Amy said...

I've seen the back-flip firsthand and I was impressed.

Happy Birthday Troy... I'm still waiting to find the perfect gift in purple velvet to give you on your birthday... (in case you're wondering why I didn't send one)

Have a wonderful day!

Oh and Troy- thanks for backing me up on the picture thing.... :)

Robin said...


I think there were only three of those things I didn't already know.

Troy you are by far the most positive person I have ever met! I love that about you!

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...


I forgot to say, "Go Class of '91!"

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