Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V Day

I just gushed about Troy on his birthday, so it seems a little much to do it again, but it IS Valentine's Day.

So, to my sweetheart, I love you. More. Most. Best. Back. (And as for the pic, um, don't be too mad, but it's your bum and you're vacuuming...what's not to love?!)

To the other little Valentine's in my life...I am lucky to have you.

And to all of you, Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you get to spend it with someone you love.



I also find the Beatty backside irresistible (different Beatty, of course!) :)

Sarah said...

When I first saw the picture I thought Troy was... um... getting sick. HA!!!

I have a Valentine for you two- I'll bring it by later!

Rob said...

WooHoo ( that's a whistle sound)!

Andrea said...

Just so you know--that was me who posted the comment from Rob ( I was on his computer! How ironic!

Robin said...

Troy, You really are a saint for not making Denise remove that picture. Not that I'm implying that it's a bad picture.

Amy said...

Cute pic! All he's missing is being swathed in purple velvet!

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