Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh, no!

Havings twins is a funny thing. There are so many things that they do the same, and some things that they do differently, but it can be such a stark contrast having them do it at the same time.

Well, when you have boy/girl tiwns, there is even more of a contrast, and the inevitable has finally happened.

Emma is now significantly taller than Joe. Oh no!

This has caused Joe a little anxiety so Troy just keeps telling him that he will eventually catch up. (We hope.)


Ben & Anne said...

Chances are he'll outgrow her and be tall, dark, and handsome! And she'll be the slim, petite beauty. Who's older anyway?


Tell Joe not to worry; we had the same dilemma with Bronson & Krissia - when we compared their "same age" birthdays, Krissia always measured a good inch or two taller....until their 14th birthdays. It might take a while, but Joe will catch - and pass - up someday!

The Perkins said...

I love this picture...Joe will catch up!
I remember the days as a little kid wondering and worrying about how tall I was going to be, we even measured on the wall and I always wanted to beat my siblings when it came to this :).

Hilary said...

Hey, I saw the message on my blog today... wish I was on the same time as you.

Lara said...

This is a classic picture that will be fun to show them in a few years when Joe is six inches taller! I think it's so funny how worked up kids get about their height, I've even had a couple of my kids shed tears over their perceived incorrect height!

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