Sunday, February 10, 2008

All About Joe

So, in addition to scrapbooking, I have been working on my photography skills. I still have a long way to go, and someday when I grow up I hope to be as good a photographer as Hilary or Katie, but in the meantime, I will keep trying.

I set up a little spot at home to work on learning how to use my camera and I took (and scrapbooked) these photos of Joe.


Let me start by saying that this kid is a riot. He has always been really well liked, wherever he goes, and I think it is because, by nature, he is a really easy going person. He is happy to do what you want, and go where you say, and when I say that he is happy, I really mean it.

He REALLY is just a very happy person. (I assume he gets that from Troy, because as you all know, he certainly doesn't get it from me.)

When Joe was a little boy, he used to think that he was a cartoon character. He would run around the house and do little cartoon moves--his favorite was to pretend that some part of him was on fire (usually his bum) and he would run around until the "flames" were gone.

One time we were driving in the van and I closed the windows (you know, the little vent kind that open just a little in the back). Anyway, I shut the windows and after a while I noticed that Joe was actually a little too quiet and I asked him what was wrong. Well, it turns out that I had accidently shut his fingers in the window, but he didn't want to bother me, so he didn't mention it! That kid! Anyone else, and they would have been screaming bloody murder! When I opened the windows, all he could say was, "Thanks Mom."

Another time, Troy and I went away for a few days and we left Joe with some friends. He didn't feel well while we were gone and ended up staying home from school. He was a little sick to his stomach and came downstairs to see my friend. He had this wierd expression on his face and she was trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally, she said, "Joe, do you need to throw up?" He kind of shook his head at her. And she said, "Joe, did you already throw up?" He sort of shook his head yes and no, and she said, "Joe, do you have throw up in your mouth?" When he shook his head YES, she ran him over to the bathroom so he could spit it out. Turns out, he didn't want to get throw up on her carpet. Did I mention that he is a very nice kid?

Joe is just a good boy. You won't find anyone with a bigger heart. He loves to help and always wants everyone around him to be happy.

He LOVES video games. If we let him, he would play all day and all night, and NEVER sleep. He also can't resist playing with the little kids. When you send him to do something, he will do it, until Josh or Becky ask him to play, and then of course, he forgets everything else. It drives me crazy, but at the same time I know it's his sweet nature telling him that he should take the time to play (again, he gets this from Troy.)

I have learned a lot from having Joe in our family and I am really grateful for what good boy he is.

We spent some time reading about love languages and how everyone gives and recieves love in different ways. I wanted to find out what each of the kid's love languages is, so that I could express love to them in the way that they most appreciate. Joe's language is touch. He would rather have a hug or kiss more than a present...I love that about him. I am not an especailly touchy person, so I try to hug him a little more and really let him know that I love him. I think it's good for me.

If you have a funny Joe story, I would love hear it.


Mom Valentine said...

When I came to visit this last month, Joe kept winning at the game of Sequence. Finally on the last day he said, "Aunt Paulette, next time you come I will take it easy on you." It just was like a cupid arrow piercing heart my! What a joy I felt that he would think of me and how I felt. Even though he was just so darn lucky at that game I don't think I could ever win.
You do just have the cutest kids ever. Tell them Aunt Paulette loves them.

The Valentine Family said...

What a sweetheart! These pictures are great. Did you get your camera? I loved LOVED the picture of Becky a few posts ago!

Amy said...

It's fun to read what Joe is like now, because I haven't seen him since he was 3(?).

I still chuckle about the look on his face when he finally pushed his chair backward to my concrete patio. You said something like "I don't see any blood. You're fine, Joe. No blood, no foul."


Is it just me, or does Joe look like Presten in these pictures? I can definitely see a family resemblance.

Andrea said...

We love Joe, too and thank him for introducing our son to video games!

Andrea said...

P.S. Great pictures! When can we have our turn?

Hilary said...

My thoughts...
Troy is only 35? I honestly thought he was older then that. Huh... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TROY!!!!!
Also, two things on your photos -- work on your focus. Read about focus in your camera manual and find-out how you can adjust to focus points and all that jazz.
And, bring him out a little further from the sheet background, and take it on portrait mode -- that way the sheet will be a little more blurred and you won't see the wrinkles as well.

Lara said...

I think your pictures are awesome already...they look professional. And Joe sounds like a wonderful, amazing young man!

Amy said...

My favorite Joe moment? That's easy.

We (Beatty's, Grover's and Huhtala's) were hanging out one night at the Condos. Us 3 women ran somewhere quick (probably to get dinner) and left the dads in charge. The kids were all playing outside on their bikes and the playground. When we returned, we didn't see Joe and Haylee (my daughter who is just 2 months younger than Joe) anywhere. Well, what seemed like 15 minutes later, we found out that they had ridden their trikes to the gas station 2 blocks away!

They were 2 years old.

They seemed to think this was a perfectly normal thing to do..... Of course, we tease the Dads about this incident incessantly. Troy still claims he wasn't there.

John T said...

Amy -- In response to your comment above, I just have to say that I'm always telling Denise that I wasn't there when Joe and Haylee rode their trikes to the gas station, and she doesn't believe me either. But this occurred during summer '01, and I was working in DC, studying for the bar, and Denise was living in the Condo in Provo with the kids. Too bad we can't check the date exactly because that would settle it once and for all.....

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