Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ask a stupid question...

Question: WHY (insert wide-eyed, slightly crazed look here) did you color on the wall?

Answer: Because I didn't have any paper (insert eye-rolling, DUH here).

Last night, at about 10, WELL after all the children were supposed to be in bed (ASLEEP), I hear a little "scratch, scratch, scratch." Then some more "scratch, scratch, scratch." I can't figure out what it is and go upstairs to investigate...well, you can see for yourself!

Can I just say that I am either learning a little more patience, as this type of thing would have sent me over the edge a few children ago, or I have already gone off the edge and just don't know it yet! (Yeah, yeah.)

Becky has this way of looking at you, with those big eyes that makes it almost (ALMOST) impossible to be mad at her. In fact, last night I got a major case of the giggles as I tried to discipline her. I couldn't do it so I had to call Troy up, who also got the between me taking pictures and Troy trying to keep his composure...I don't think Becky really learned her lesson.

BUT, hopefully, some dedicated time with a sponge today will teach her not to take crayons to bed.

Once again, a perfect example of why the family motto is, "This is why we don't have nice things."


The Valentine Family said...

OH MY GOODNESSS! Such an artist. I hope she had fun scrubbing :)

Amy said...

How'd it go with the dedicated time with the sponge? ;)

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