Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome Hadriel Israel

Troy and I had an opportunity to go to a brit milah today. A brit is when a Jewish boy is circumcised and given his name. It is a very important event in a boy's life and signifies his entrance into covenant with God.

It was a very beautiful ceremony, and we feel so priviledged that our friends Moshe and Pamela allowed us to share in their great joy.

The brit is performed on the boy's eighth day and no one is told his name until the ceremony. Moshe and Pamela named their son Hadriel which means to glorify God.

Hadriel is beautiful! As are his brother Avi Shai and his sister Darya.

This has been one the best things about living on the East coast. We have had so many opportunities to meet many people, and we have enjoyed every chance we've had to learn about different cultures and faiths.

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