Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Caught Red-Handed

So, the phrase caught red-handed has new meaning for us today.

It's now 10 am (a mere 12 hours since the last incident). The kids are gone to school and I am ready to head out to playgroup.

Becky is still in her pajamas and I have called up her to get ready for the day. But wait...she looks like she wearing lipstick. Oh, that's not lipstick, it's a SHARPIE! Ahhhhhhh!!!

So, stupid questions #2: WHY did you color on your face and hands?

Response: I am supposed to color on paper.

Me: Your hand isn't paper!

Becky: Oh.

Me: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!


Andrea said...

Just checking on Becky to make sure she's still alive! Way to funny!

Shelby said...

In case toxic clean up is not going well, Lancome Eye make-up remover takes off permanent pen from skin.

guess why I know that?

The Valentine Family said...

Was it washable?? Maybe the red hand will be a reminder.

We really should live closer to each other!!

Love ya.

The Perkins said...

I really shouldn't laugh at this... but that picture you took of her cute little face is just classic! She must love the color red :).

Ashby said...

LOL! Brooklyn is beginning to see the world (ie - walls, hands, clothes, floor, table, chairs, Emma, etc.) as her canvas also. Just the other day we found a large B drawn on the wall. However, Becky and the Sharpie take the cake. I literally laughed out loud!

Melanie said...

AHHHH!! Hilarious! I love that she did her lips too! Great tip on the eye make-up remover. That might come in handy sometime!

Amy said...

Priceless. Thanks for sharing, D.

Tamee said...

Sooo, cute! Don't you love that we still ask the questions that we already know what thier response will be??

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