Friday, February 15, 2008


I cannot believe how quickly time passes. Katie is almost 8 months old, and soon she won't be my baby anymore, but my toddler...then...oh it's too much!

She has finally cut her first two teeth, and much to my surprise, her third and fourth as well. She is just about ready to crawl...whether I want her to or not!

She is just the happiest little thing. And considering she has spent half her life with an ear infection, it is a wonder! She laughs at just about's too funny! (Although someone did point out, there is a lot to laugh at here.)

I am really trying to enjoy isn't too hard.



What a little looks like those blue eyes are here to stay!

Amy said...

It's so much fun to "enjoy" each stage rather than wish they were old enough already.... we all laugh and play with Aidan all day long. And take picture after picture....

I know I was like that somewhat with the four older ones but they just came so fast and there were so many babies.... it's like a blur!

I think my favorite thing is to see how attached Aidan is to his older brothers and sisters. He has his routine- special things he does with each of them every day. It really touches me to see them care for and love him.

Amy said...

SUCH an adorable photo, D.

Sending sunshine and warm thoughts from SoCal!
Amy Kate

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