Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How Did I Get So Lucky?

Have you ever had someone in your life that you look up to?

Someone that sets the standard? Raises the bar? Is the person you want to be when you grow up?

Well, in our house, that person is Paul Snow. At least as far as husbands go.

I know you are now asking yourselves, "Who the heck is Paul Snow?"

Well, let me tell you.

Paul is a friend from church whom we really like (and hopefully who still really likes me, after he reads this post).

I know he will be embarassed that I am writing this, but really, I often joke around with Troy, and ask "Why can't you be more like Paul Snow?"

I know you are wondering why I say this, so I will refer you to THIS post in their blog and tell you that it is only the tip of the ice berg! Paul Snow is a great little husband!

Now, I love my husband. More than anything. And I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the world, not EVEN Paul Snow (no offense Paul).

And before you get all riled up at me and think that I am complaining about Troy, I'm not. Troy might not be "Mr. Romance", but when the chips were down, he really came through!

Before I tell you the rest I have to first explain that we have all been sick...and it has been rotten! The kids were sick, I was sick, and even poor Troy was sick. While Troy's health improved, mine did not, so he stayed home from work today to take care of me, and not only did he take care of me (yes, honey, I AM feeling the love), he took care of the kids AND the house too!

He vacuumed.
He mopped.

And for those of you who know Troy really well, you know that he has a system for EVERYTHING! So he just HAD TO vacuum the inside of the lamp. (He also vacuumed every surface in the living room, including the front of the TV, the top of the stereo, and even the remote controls.) The man is nothing, if not thorough.

He also did diaper duty.

And he even cooked...a lot.


So now, instead of asking Troy, "Why can't you be more like Paul Snow?" I will now be asking him, "How did I get so lucky?"

P.S. But I still think you're great too Paul! And you have a wonderful wife, who was SO nice and brought us dinner. I AM really lucky!


Sarah said...

I can feel Paul's cheeks getting red from here.

I'm going to start asking Paul why HE can't be more like John Troy Beatty and clean the house or take a sick day (wait... what are those again???). That will go over well, hahahahahahaha!

Hope you're all feeling better!

Paul said...

Thanks Troy and Denise. Our lives are richers because you two and your wonderful family are part of them.

Another contest where Troy would beat me? Body hair.

Hope everyone is on the mends.

Hilary said...

It's amazing how we all have the right spouse for ourselves.


I'm glad you got pictures of it!

Robin said...

Aren't husbands great! Daniel once left me little notes like that. I haven't though about that for awhile. Thanks for the reminder.

Nice pictures Troy. Way to handle that vacuum!

Lara said...

So my question is...do Troy or Paul have any single brothers? I've got two sisters who are still searching...

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