Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kids are SO Wierd!

Let me just say it are SO wierd.

I mean, they do the craziest things, and it seems totally normal to them.

If you saw a box on your dad's chair, would you sit in it to watch TV? (Besides the fact that I would never fit, I still don't think I would.)

These are the same children that you can spend hundreds of dollars on, buying them the latest toys and gadgets, and what do they choose to play with? The box it came in, the wrapping paper, or the trash.

If you had a choice over toys vs. a pot lid, or a stick, or um, the toilet, what would you choose? My kids...the lid, the stick, or the toilet every time!

I totally blame Troy for this...I mean, this is the same man that watched TV when he was a little kid while standing on his head.

You just know THAT kind of behavior is going to be passed down to your own kids. Crazy, it seems, is so easily inherited.



I'm sure Troy would argue that they're being creative, not crazy :)

John T said...

Not only could "craziness" be inherited, but I also believe (based on experiences with my spouse) that it can also be transferred via osmosis. Just a theory.

Melanie said...

Yeah, kids are weird. Grant's teacher at school got some huge deliveries earlier in the year. They saved the boxes and the boys have been playing with them for about a month now. So much for the really expensive stuff that came in them!

Amy said...

Heck ya! I would sit in a box to watch TV if I could fit.

In fact, in some hard-core Yoga classes, that's probably part of their workout.

Cute picture. This behavior is precisely what's made me tone down Christmas and B-days. They don't need all those fancy-schmancy toys!

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