Thursday, February 7, 2008

Emma-ism and a Beatty Kids-ism

Emma had a playdate today, so on the way over we talked about good behavior.

The conversation:

So Emma, you need to be nice and have good manners, okay?

Yes Mom. I'll be good.

Okay. Remember, say please and thank you. Don't be rude. Share.

Yes Mom. I know.

Oh, (just to tease her) and remember, no giggling!

No giggling? But MOM (in that oh so dramatic, pre-teen fashion), we CAN'T have FUN if we DON'T giggle!

Good to know.

And for the Beatty kids-ism:

We were telling the children how we have a new prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

They were trying to recall which one he was, and asked, "Oh, is he the one that looks like Uncle Rick?"

Uncle Rick? Really?

I guess I had never seen the resemblence, but when we looked President Monson up on the computer, they assured me that he did indeed look like their Uncle Rick. (And I think it made them feel instantly closer to the new prophet.)

So, you be the judge.



I'm not seeing much of a resemblance other than the hairline :)

Amy said...

I can see where kids would make that connection. I think like Elder Hales looks like Rodney Dangerfield so I might have a hard time taking him seriously if he is ever our Prophet.

The Perkins said...

I had never thought about the resemblance, but I can see some. It seems like your kids always have good behavior!

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