Sunday, June 1, 2008

Most Unproductive Person

Yes, that's me.

I have OFFICALLY been given the title of most unproductive person on the planet.

I have spent the month entered into a scrapbooking contest which ended last night, much to Troy's great relief.

So, while there wasn't much house work done this month, I do now have several very full scrapbooks.

So, if you come over, feel free to take a peek, and if you see me looking longingly at the computer...Troy is prepared to stage an are more than welcome to participte.

Here's a few of my favorite layouts.

And if you didn't see the boys and I at church today, it was because we stayed home to do housework.

I am again competing for the meanest mom award, and when we went to get them dressed for church, where do you think I found the boys church clothes?

Well, if you guess in their closet or in the dirty clothes hamper, you would be wrong.

The correct guess would be under their beds, rolled up into a ball.

Just where they go.

And if you made it this far into the post, your prize is getting to read this HYSTERICAL story from my friend Brianna...about...well, you'll just have to read it.


Brianna said...

I hate when I find the church clothes dirty somewhere on Sunday morning, it makes me CRAZY. And to anyone who checks out my story about the spa I would love to read your reaction, feel free to comment away!

Charlene said...

Loving the scrapbook pages!!! Is it only the boys that you have a hard time finding church clothes? Do you have the problem also that you know that their clothes were clean when they were put away, but somehow on Sunday their are dirty spots on their pants or shirts as soon as you get to church?

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh!! Your layouts are AMAZING! I can't wait to be as good as you. How many did you finish for the challenge? Sounds like a great way to get caught up! Then again, I don't think we're ever caught up.

And I loved the spa story. Hilarious!

Hilary said...

LOVE the layouts -- you are a rockstar.

Bringhurst Family said...

Don't you have some extra dresses you could have made them wear. That would have really earned you a meanest mom award.

Mom 2 Boys said...

I love your layouts! I bow before the digital scrapbooking queen. Hope you win the contest!

Andrea said...

Welcome back to the land of the living!

The Perkins said...

You are an amazing scrap booker! I know you have a ton planned when you come out here, but if you could slip in a lesson or two that would be great :).

Jolinda said...

It's all been said, but I couldn't stand not commenting!

Beautiful layouts. I have also ben "catching up" on scrapping by going digital. I love that there's no mess involved, and like you, miss it when I have to discipline myself to do all the things I've neglected. I think I've put together 12 layouts since Friday. Isn't it great?!

Lara said...

Wow! As per usual, they're all so beautiful.

I am curious as to what kind of OS you use? Vista does not handle my Photoshop Elements editor very well.

The Valentine Family said...

You are so talented! I was looking at your scrapbook pages the other are amazing! I wish I had the motivation, because I think I would enjoy it. One more reason I need you to move here!

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