Saturday, June 7, 2008

Move Over Beethoven

Well, yesterday was a really great day.

Mikayla performed in the end of the year strings concert and she was, of course, fabulous!

It is so amazing how well the kids played. They did about a dozen songs from the star spangled banner to ode to joy. And they really were wonderful.

When you consider that these 5th grades only started playing the violin this year, and all of them only received instruction once a week with 30 or so other kids. It really was incredible.

Mikayla did so well. She doesn't get quite so nervous when she is in a group. And she is playing really well.

She is going to bring her violin with us when we go west, so feel free to ask her to play something!

And for a little update on Joe.

He got new shoes.

It kills me to have to buy new tennis shoes just days before school gets out, but he literally did not have anything else to wear. I considered duct tape to repair the old shoes, but...I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Luckily, the shoes we on sale so we scored new tennis shoes for just $7.00 (and really that was the deciding factor...for $7.00 he will have tennis shoes for the summer too.)

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