Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy to Spare

Tornado Update

So, a quick update on the tornado that blew through here.

Good News: We are all fine. Yeah.

Bad News: None. Yeah.

Crazy News: Lots.

So, we have lived out here quite a while and there have been many tornado warnings, but we have never actually had one touch down near us, or any where close to us.

Until yesterday.

I guess what I should have done was rush the kids down to the basement, but instead, I got a baby sitter for the three little ones and took the other three out.

In my defense, I didn't realize that there was a tornado warning! I mean, how do you find these things out when you aren't watching TV?

I have to say, it was a little freaky to see the rain go sideways at 60 MPH, and we did lose power, as did the school. But Mikayla had cheerleading tryouts and there was no way in heck she was going to let us miss that!

So off we went (after dropping Joe at scouts), only to find the middle school in lockdown and having a tornado drill. It turns out the tryouts were cancelled, as was scouts, so off to pick everyone back up and drop the baby sitter off at home.

We were without power for several hours, but the storm had passed and all was well.

Of course, Troy couldn't get home because there were trees on the train tracks, so finally at 9 pm last night he took the metro to Vienna and our (REALLY GOOD) friend Ben went and picked him up.

I guess there were trees that fell on houses and on some cars, but right around us there is just a lot of debris.

So, in the future, I guess I should check the forecast whenever I see the rain moving in a direction other than down!


Amberlyn said...

That's what you get for not watching TV!!! That's why I always try to sneak some in here and there.

Glad to hear you are all safe and sound.

Charlene said...

I'm glad you guys are safe. I didn't know that tornadoes came your way??
I have lived at my town for almost three years, and the tornado siren has gone off far.

Kimber said...

Crazy stuff.

I know it sounds weird...I've always wanted to see a tornado up close!

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