Monday, June 30, 2008

Traditions, New and Old

After driving across the country to attend a family reunion (the annual PCW), I had high hopes for a good time...and it didn't disappoint.

It was so fun to see our extended family, to play and to visit.

The day started with a horseshoe tournament, followed by swimming, and then lunch. (On a little side note, my favorite part of this horseshoe picture is Troy's dad there in the's good to know where Troy's fashion sense comes from.)
We then had some fun games for the kids and a little program.

This was the first reunion since Troy's grandma had passed away and it was nice to remember her and what a wonderful person that she was.

I have to say that we have developed some fun family traditions over the years, and I think that those traditions really add to our lives.

Last year, when Troy and I were in charge of the family reunion, we did a bunch of crazy activities, one of which was a potato race. You had to tie a pair of pantyhose around your waist that has a pototo in one leg. Then you swing your hips and hit another potoato on the ground.

I am happy to report that we did this again this year, and it was no less funny the second time around. Troy won this particular contest...his various skills never cease to amaze me.


And They Lived Happily Ever After said...

Troy and Denise,
It was nice to see you at church yeaterday. Now that I admitted that I am a blog stalker, I can feel ok about leaving a comment. I love reading your blog. It is adorable, and then I get to see the pictures of your cute Mom and Dad! Watching Troy since his birth has been a delight.

Paul said...

That picture of Troy is now the background on my computer. Looks like fun.

Amberlyn said...

Traditions are truly what brings families closer together. Plus it adds fun and excitement.

Hope you continue to enjoy your time in California.

Charlene said...

So much fun!!! Are you going to California too? Is Troy going to be with you the whole time or will you be by yourself part of the time?

Lara said...

I'm still in awe that you took off on a cross country driving trip so quickly from returning overseas. You definitely are adventurous!

I love the cute photos and I love hearing about your fun family traditions.

Amy said...

Are you in my neck of the woods now??

Very nice to see the rubber ducky contingent well-represented (c:

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