Tuesday, March 18, 2008

While the Husband is Away...

So, Troy is working...in Paris...as if you could call being in Paris work...

Meanwhile, here at home, while Troy has barely been gone two days, we have had 2 poop accidents, 3 doctors appointments, 2 children sleepover, 1 child sleep away, 1 baby sitting job, and 4 play dates.

What was I thinking? (Trying the be the "good" mom is a lot of work. Mean mom is easier!)

I must say that I don't think that it's any coincidence that Troy chose to go on vacation, oh I mean, work, while the kids are on spring break.

So some random photographic evidence of our vacation thus far:

I love this picture of my boys and Jared and Tyler. My boys are being spazzes while Jared and Tyler clamly watch. Typical. But we do love the Wii! And they were all really great on their sleepover!

And sweet little Katie. I wanted to show off her cute little teeth. She has two on the bottom, two on the top, and four ready to come it any day now.

And finally, spring has spurng. Aren't the cherry blossoms beautiful? Now if only it would get warm!


Andrea said...

Oh, my...those Kunz boys are just like their father! And what about those Beatty boys...just like their mother!

Glad they were good. We're looking forward to saving you from insanity on Thursday!


After all those years of watching Del vaction - I mean - TOUR with Acclamtion, I feel your pain!

Amy said...

I love those cherry blossoms!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blossoms! I soaked up the sight in D.C. a few years ago.


Troy said...

Meetings all day. Working late into the night. Definitely not vacation.

Missing you!

Tamee said...

Oh my goodness... I didn't realize Troy was out of town during spring break? Bless you heart. Call if you need something.

Amberlyn said...

This is so funny. I can totally relate!!

Why, when our Husbands leave town for work, we think they are on vacation. Hello, Paris!!! I'm a little jealous.

Confession: Not only do I feel a little bitter about the "get-away", but why on top of that does the whole world fall in your lap while their gone. Bitterness just doubled.

I guess one good thing happens while their gone, you realize how much you love that man in your life and how much they truly help life stay sane. Okay, so that was two things.

I pray you make it through the rest of your spring break!!!

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