Wednesday, March 19, 2008

That's Sixty Eggs! Thank You Very Much.

Kids grow up so fast...the days pass so quickly...and before you know it, your babies are big.

Today was a good day...we had a little Easter egg hunt at playgroup. It was especially enjoyable for me because all my kids participated. And I know it won't be much longer before the older kids are too big for this stuff.

So I love that Mikayla was as earnest in her search of hidden treasure as Becky. I love that they enjoyed themselves, but I also loved that each of the big kids really wanted to help a little one in their quest.

So, while things continue to change, and I will miss what was...I am enjoying what is...and I know that I will enjoy what is to come!

And where was Katie during all the excitement?

Just where I like her.


Amberlyn said...

Yeah, a good day!!!

You know what I love reading most about your blog?

You are always so positive and uplifting. Even in the bad moments there is always a hint of "it's okay because we'll make it through".

I really appreciate that. Especially since I'm a Mom of 6 as well. It's proof that there is Joy in the Journey no matter what happens. Thanks for that reminder.

Puhlman said...

Very fun. We were all ready to go last night with eggs filled with candy too. But this morning Zach and Ethan ruined it for us. Poor guys are feeling better now but OH well. SO you ready to walk on Monday? Get those kiddos ready and be at the park bright and early K?

Tamee said...

I didn't stop to think that you'd be putting together 60 of those suckers. I should have helped. I LOVE the picture of the boys with Becka. You're kids are take good picture, I'm sure you do too.. Let me take pictures of you and the fam some day.

Amy said...

60 eggs is a lot! I was talking to Ed's sister about the family Easter party. She said, "Everyone is just going to bring 12 eggs for each child and then we'll mix them up when we hide them." My reply was, "Oh- so that's 60 for me!" Her and I were both like, "Wow". I'm glad Mikayla still enjoyed it. I think Hannah will too.

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