Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paint: $30, Life Lesson: Priceless

Have you ever been talking to someone and they say something to you and you JUST KNOW it isn't the truth, but instead of speaking up or calling them on it, you just let it slide?


Well, I don't recommend doing this when the thing that they are talking about is the paint you are about to spend HOURS applying to your walls...

So, the story?

Well, I went to Home Depot for paint. I used the Behr Paint for the brown part of my kitchen, in what they call a "sateen" finish. This is somewhere between satin and semi-gloss. It was really nice paint and I liked it a lot. Good coverage...but not super shiny.

Anyway. As you saw with the red splotches on my other kitchen wall, I had quite a variety of reds to choose from and wound up picking a Ralph Lauren paint.

Well, when I went to pick up the red paint I asked the Home Depot guy if he could show me the Ralph Lauren finishes so I could pick one close to the Behr sateen finish. Well, he took me to the Behr finish wall and told me that he would get me the sateen finish in the Ralph Lauren paint.

Now, I KNOW that they don't make the sateen finish in Ralph Lauren, and I tell the guy that I don't think it's the same finish. He ASSURES me that it's the same and I don't have anything to worry about. I even asked ONE MORE TIME for good measure and again, he assured me that it was the same.

Well guess what? It's not the same.


Why, oh why, didn't I listen to my inner voice instead of the dumb Home Depot guy?

Well, I went back to Home Depot today and they gave me a gallon of the Ralph Lauren paint in the semi-gloss for free and gave me one additional gallon of paint for free.

So, even though it doesn't completely make up for my time, it does at least make me feel better about Home Depot customer service.

The moral of the story?

Listen to your gut, about paint and other stuff too.


Charlene said...

I can finally read your blog! Hey, I am planning on painting my kitchen when it is finally warm enough, let me know how it goes!

Melanie said...

So where's the pics of the kitchen to go with this post? I've heard it looks really good!

Tamee said...

Where's the pictures? I want to see the difference. You should have talked with me red is a very tricky color to paint. I've now painted about four difference walls with red. BTW, Joe is so handsome in the scout picture. Now that's priceless.

Lara said...

I'm glad Home Depot made it right for you. We hope to redo our kitchen soon, so I look forward to seeing some fun photos of yours soon...I need some good inspiration!

The Valentine Family said...

I'm excited to see the finished product! I'm sure it looks great because every thing you do is great!

Lia Lee said...

Not everyone can go with their gut on the paint. As we both know someone who has repainted their rooms how many times? It looks great! I love the red. (But you know me and red)

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