Monday, March 3, 2008

Men are from Mars

Troy was off work today. Yeah!

We so rarely get to spend any quality time together, that when we get to be together and only have one, or two, or three kids, somehow it just seems...peaceful.

So while we were out, Troy decided that he wanted to rinse the car off. And when we got to the car wash he decided that he needed my help...

You know this story isn't going anywhere good, but I'll tell you anyway.

Troy puts the quarters into the car wash and it starts up. Then he tells me that I should push the button that says "conditioner." Well, the directions say that you should do the conditioner after you have done the first wash and rinse, so we spent the first dollar in quarters arguing about the order in which we should do the wash.

We then spent the next dollar trying to get the buttons to work right, with Troy yelling at me because I didn't push the right ones.

We spent one last dollar actually washing the car, with Troy vowing that next time he would come by himself. (hehe)

We then spent the ride home discussing why I have a need to follow the rules and why he thinks the rules are merely suggestions.

I am a rule follower. You would think that he would know that by now!

The best part of the experience?

I told Troy, just before we got back in the car that I thought he needed to wash the tires. He said that it was a waste of quarters (uh, yeah) because they really needed a good scrub. So, when we got back in the car, the FIRST thing Josh said was, "Dad, you forgot to wash the tires!"

If only you could have seen the look on Troy's face! Classic!


Troy said...

Well, I say "Women are from Venus". Denise got it mostly right except the part where she wrote, "We then spent the next dollar trying to get the buttons to work right." There was no "We" about it. Actually, it was she who couldn't get the buttons to work while I was busy scrubbing the car.

It's true that I believe only principles, laws, and regulations are compulsory; everything else, including so-called "instructions" I believe are just guidance and merely advisory.

But for Denise, she follows every direction and instruction to the letter, which I might add is oftentimes very frustrating. Of course, if I should make even the littlest "suggestion" she of course will want to do completely the opposite!

Wood Clan in UT said...

I too am a rule follower!!! That's why if I happen to be in the car when the car is being washed, I stay IN the car. Laugh out loud funny about the tires not being washed too!!!

My heart skipped a beat when I looked over and saw my name listed among your many friends!!! Wow, thanks.

Amy said...

I have to side with Troy on this one- I think the speed limit is merely a suggestion as well.

And this is also why I just go through the automatic wash. It sounds like it would have actually saved you money.....

And I'm resisting the urge to comment on all of your entries... just this one- that's it.

But I will say I'm glad you're out of your funk!

The Valentine Family said...

That is hilarous! I for one am all about the automatic carwash...much more relaxing.

Troy...maybe "Killer Bunnies" would have been much easier if we had used the instructions as merely guidance and in the end played it how we thought it should be played!

Hilary said...

Get a room you two. :)

Melanie said...

My favorite part about this post is the two versions. Love it! Maybe this is why we never wash the car.

Lara said...

I'm more like you Denise...I would have been following the instructions on that car wash to the "T"!
I think it's hilarious that Josh actually scolded him about not washing the tires...too funny!

Ben & Anne said...

I just had a good laugh! Thanks. I am a rule follower myself and would have followed the car washing directions too. However, the automatic car wash works on a system that is much easier and it get your tires clean too. (Which is why I'm surprised Troy doesn't use it, of course, maybe his system is better--market it.)

Charlene said...

I am surprised that you can even be outside washing your car!!!

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