Thursday, March 13, 2008

At Least It Was a Good Story

The actual conversation:

Me: "Becky, why does it look like someone rubbed dirt all over your face?"

Becky: "Because Joshy smashed my face into the ground and rubbed dirt all over it."

Me: "What?!?"

Me again: "Wait. Did he really?"

Becky: "Nope."

The result of this conversation?

A discussion about telling the truth, telling a lie, and pretending. She's three. I am sure that we will have this discussion MANY more times.

PS. How many times did the baby get up, you ask?

I lost track around the 10th time. No miracles for me.



That wasn't a good story, it was a GREAT least she admitted to making it up when you asked her about it :)

Lara said...

Ten times?! I feel tired for you.

The Valentine Family said...

That made for a good laugh. At least she's honest. I hope Katie starts sleeping through the night soon. As much as I'd like to sleep past 6:30, I can't complain to much after hearing this.

Tamee said...

Becky so cute she can say whatever so want too and get away with it.... to your dismay. Sweet, yes sweet Josh get's the bad rap.

Tamee said...

I just wanted to leave another note to see if you'd post it. Hee Hee!!

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