Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Fun One

Playing with the children is not my strong suit. I am the mom: the soother, the educator, the cook, the helper, the disciplinarian, the task master.

Dad is the fun one.

But today, we went with Ben, Anne, Natalie, and Lincoln and took the kids fishing. And I played. And I fished. And I had a really good time. (Oh, and the kids had fun too!)

I don't know why I don't play more. It really was fun just to be focused on the kids, living in the moment and not worried about the house or anything else.

It helped that we weren't actually at home.

It was SO much fun that I think we might actually do it again!

And who knows, maybe I'll leave Dad to take care of the house and baby a little more often so that I can be known the fun one!

P.S. ALL these fish (can you see them?) and did we catch a stinkin' thing? Not one!


Hilary said...

I have written this exact blog.
And I think most moms could write it. We are the day to day executive officers. And I've decided each family needs one, doesn't mean we don't need a vacation every now and then, and become the entertainment officer.

Puhlman said...

OH I am so jealous. I LOVE to fish. IN fact, my first date with Don was fishing. And he thought I was fishing for fish. HEHEHE Glad you all had fun.


I'm also jealous....I LOVE to fish, too. In fact, I take the kids when Del is out of town because he hates it!

Robin said...

I think that's the trick, getting out of the house. When I'm around all my responsibilities I just can't keep my mind off my to do list.
I'm glad you got to go play. Hopefully now that you've got a taste of it, you'll let yourself do it more often.

Amberlyn said...

I love that you were able to get out of the house and spend time with your kids. Robin is so right. It helps to get away from the house and our responsibilities that bind us. Helping to remind us that we too can have fun and release our inner child. After all, most of the time I feel like I'm 20. Then I get a huge shock when I look in the mirror and don't see the same person looking back.

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