Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Musings

So today we had a 5th Sunday combined meeting with the Priesthood.

The topic was food storage and emergency preparedness.

But for me, the topic was more of following the promptings of the spirit.

We have all heard for years that we need to work on our food storage. We have heard that we should prepare ourselves...temporally and spiritually for things to come.

And frankly, this is one area where I don't think I am doing very well.

I think that when you don't grow up in the Church, there are some things that just don't come food storage.

And so, rather than dive right in and learn, I have put it off...and more often than not, I end up feeling like one of the 5 foolish virgins who doesn't have enough oil for my lamp.

So today, my lesson is, start now. Listen to the spirit. Prepare.

Food storage...yum.


Melanie said...

Growing up in the church doesn't really give you a leg up. My parents had some wheat and always canned, but never had near a year supply. It's just one of those things you have to start by experimenting on the Lord's words. If you start small, the spirit with catch you and before you know it, it will be a priority for you.

I remember discussing food storage about four years ago and thinking it wasn't even worth trying. And I specifically remember saying: "It's not like I'm going to be one of those crazy people who grinds their own wheat and makes all their own bread!" We don't have a full year's supply, but we do have a lot now.

So anyway, you can do it! Start small and in a few years, it will just be natural!

Puhlman said...

I was going to say the same thing about being raised in the church. It doesn't come naturally for me either. I start to think about it and get overwhelemed. I am not very organized so that is probably my problem. But they gave some good ideas yesterday. I wish we had more time though to hear more.

lbugsh2 said...

Okay Denise now we need to have a mini enrichment group on it. I will help. I do not have my years but I have three months. Start small it easier. Pin down Tamee she has her year.

Kirsten said...

We had the same lesson in our ward. The person teaching the lesson felt that "emergency preparedness" is a negative way of thinking about it, always seems to instill fear and trembling. So she has decided to remarket it in our ward by calling it "Caring by Preparing".

It was a good lesson.

Hilary said...

K, food storage does NOT need to consist of wheat and beans.
I personally feel like you need SOME of the foods that you could live in during a complete natural disaster, however the rest of my food I rotate through. The whole pantry type food-saving thing works well into this. Anyway,I think it's important to have the storage, regardless of emergencies or not.
Go you.

Amberlyn said...

We too had the same lesson. But our discussion was more focused on preparing for some kind of natural disaster and putting up either a red paper screaming for help, or a green indicating that you are just fine. Hello, this was all too much for me.

Bring on the discussion of food storage. At least that is something you do have control over.

And yes, it does seem overwhelming. But just take baby steps. Buy a case of something when it goes on sale. Buy a few more cans of something that you are already purchasing.

You can do it, like it's been said previously. You'll get the hang of it.

Tamee said...

Wheats crazy high priced right now, so start with oats. In the summer or fall prehaps it will come down. I have a great starter checklist to help. I don't know if Rachel passed it out. Come by you can borrow my book.

Melanie said...

So I had so much to add to this discussion, I decided not to be a comment hog and make a post on my own blog about it. :)

Mom Valentine said...

I had to speak yesterday in three (3) different wards all about preparedness. (I was worn out by the end of the third ward) Needless to say today we went and bought more toilet paper and a little more cans goods and a big bag of rice. I need to practice better what I have to preach so often as part of my job. Glad to hear Troy will be home today.
Tell the kids Aunt Paulette loves them!

Amy said...

I have a handout that I've saved forever that tells you what to buy each week. In one year, you'll have one-year supply. Of course, the key is to buy what you'll eat and rotate. I can fax it to you if you want or I may be able to scan it in and e-mail. It's like 6 pages so I don't want to re-type it! Let me know!

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